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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its the bugs in the flour!

Any of y'all who cook or bake should understand this reference. Every now and then, even with modern technology, you'll open a bag of flour and there will be creepy crawlies in there. These bugs in the flour ruin the flour and mess up the baking or cooking that was planned. My *sbc Jennifer and I have a long running joke about my hubby (or the y chromosome in general) being the "bugs in the flour" that cause kids to do weird, silly, or clueless shit.

When Joey looks at me and asks, "Why do I have to do everything right when you tell me to?", that's the bugs in the flour effect. When Gabe is stubborn beyond belief, I blame it on the bugs in the flour. And, when Marty is being so typically teenaged male, that is DEFINITELY the bugs in the flour.

I definitely think we can chalk up the fascination with burps, farts, and grossness as part of the bugs in the flour phenomena. Oh yeah, the ability to deny that the pee splashed on the side of the toilet is their fault is definitely caused by the bugs in the flour...cause according to them, they never miss when they aim...never mind that I don't stand up to pee so it couldn't have been me.

I think the inability my two oldest sons have to empty their pockets must also be cause by the bugs in the flour. **I can't remember the last time I threw something in the wash when I still had stuff in the pocket. I also think my sons' ability to look at a sink and be unable to determine which side is dirty has to be blamed on the bugs in the flour.

I'm sure y'all have some other examples of behavior caused by the bugs in the flour. Care to share them with me?

*sbc = sister by choice
** I have washed stuff of theirs that had things in the pockets but that's because they were int he dirty clothes pile and I didn't think to check the pockets.


Cara said...

Sooo funny you bring this up. My house is full of estrogen but the male componant acutally said those words last night.

He cut open a pumpkin to dry out the seeds for next year. "Well" he mutters "no sense in wasting this." So he proceeds to boil it down and make pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cake bars and pumpkin cookies. Yup all in one night! I'm working in the other room and hear, "Dammit. This there's bugs in this bag of flour".

seiously! He was, of course, being literal.

alicia said...

haha cute expression!!!!

thanks for your comment on my blog! I really hope my feet don't go insane, I have like 40 pairs of shoes that I jsut couldn't bare losing!

Celia said...


I think my cats racing across our bed in the middle of the night is caused by the bugs in the flour.

My sister and I have a saying for when you eat way too much called "Must have been the salad."

We ordered a large pizza with four toppings and salads. We ate our bitty salads and then split the entire pizza.

We were so stuffed it hurt. Must have been the salad.


kateypie35 said...

Heheheheheh....this is so funny!!!!!! I don't have any good examples. Can I blame my son's extreme aversion to sleep on bugs in the flour?
Thanks for commenting on my blog!

ICLW hoorah!

Dora said...

I missed a tissue in a pocket in my last load of laundry. Since I live alone, I can't blame anyone else. I really hate that! Little bits of tissue on everything. At least the dryer gets most of it off.

WiseGuy said...

Aha....this is solid post. Could not stop grinning. So much for Yzees!

Mama Bear said...

i love this post!!!!

MrsJoyner said...

That was a great & true post..My husband can't seem to turn off the lights in the house when he leaves and then gets angry at the light bill..Must be bugs in the flour:) Also, thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I feel loved!

PS: GREAT socks!

Rachel said...

LOL, love that... My boys laughing at burping is definitely from bugs in the flour! That they learned straight from their father...


Sam said...

ha ha - bugs in the flour indeed!!! Although I grew up with three brothers, I don't think that they were all that bad!!!

Jen said...

I must have missed this post last year...Think I can use that excuse too lol