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Monday, December 06, 2010

Some animals live in volcanoes

A conversation in my living room...

Gabe: "Some animals live in volcanoes."
Me: "No, they don't."
Gabe: "Yes, some animals live in volcanoes."
Me: because I don't feel like arguing "Ok, some animals live in volcanoes."
Ben (Marty's friend): "They do? Which ones?"
Gabe: "Some cows do."
Me: "Cows live in volcanoes?"
Gabe: "Some do."
Me and Ben: "Why do cows live in volcanoes?"
Gabe ignores this question
Ben: "What do they eat?"
Gabe: "Hot lava."
Ben: "Why do they eat hot lava?"
Gabe: in a well, duh, why don't you know this tone "Because they're stupid that way."


Kakunaa said...

YOU'RE the one I got "fucknuttery" from! That Gabe is a real trip :)

Alana said...

Too funny! OF COURSE cows eat lava! Lol.

Happy (late) birthday, hope it was special and fun!

Also, hope you've kicked your cold in the bum and are feeling better now. :)

Sheliza said...

hahaha! I love the stories little kids come up with.

Another Dreamer said...

Hehehe, that's great :)

WiseGuy said...

They eat hot lava to compete with the dragons. Duh!


Meari said...

LOL!! Too funny. Because they're stupid that way... LOL *shaking my head*

Quiet Dreams said...

Well, cows ARE pretty dumb.