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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Return to the land of the living

Can any of you explain to me why the same cold that barely slowed Gabe down has been seriously kicking my ass? I think their must be a cosmic rule somewhere that says if a cold doesn't incapacitate a preschooler then it has to seriously beat down the adults. With massive amounts of sleep, a bit of theraflu, and a few days under my belt, I think I've recovered enough to return to my blogging adventure in full force.

Until today, I got very little done this weekend. Today, we did get out today and bought Gabe some much needed shoes (omg, he has grown so much) and bought our Christmas tree. I had planned on putting up our outdoor lights this weekend but the little bit of snow and the north wind that has been whipping today convinced me to wait a few days. We did get our tree up and we're giving it a day to let the branches settle out so we can fully cover it with ornaments.

Butterball has decided to help out a bit and is adding his minuscule weight to the job at hand...

I think this is going to be an interesting Christmas season and I hope we don't lose too many ornaments to the Butterball express.  So far he's been up the tree 3 times in just a few hours.

I also did one of my least favorite household tasks.  I sorted through Gabe's drawers and pulled out everything he had out grown and unpacked the clothes that are one size up. Most of his clothes are size 6s but that means he either has to have an adjustable waist or a belt. Hehehehe, even with an adjustable waist, one of his pairs of pants was almost still to big. You know how the adjustable waist pants have the elastic with button holes in it?  Well, I took it all the way in to the 11th button hole on the both sides.  There was still a little more give than completely necessary in that waistband. Speaking of Gabe, can y'all stop by the post below and wish him a happy birthday? It would mean a lot to me and it would just give him the biggest thrill to see all the birthday wishes.

So, have you decorated for the holidays? Have you finished your shopping? What's your favorite gift you've picked out for someone?  Inspire me please.


battynurse said...

OMG! I love the pic of Butterball in the tree! How cute is that.
My Christmas decorations are up inside but not outside. I don't know if they will go up outside as I have no plug in outside. The inside though is suitably festive. Christmas shopping if it happens will happen in very small amounts at some point after Thursday when I have at least a small amount of money.

..al said...

Oh, I hope you are recovering well!

And hope you have fun keeping up with Butterball and the kids and the cold and getting the lights and decoration set and done. :-)

Happy Birthday, Kristin.

Kakunaa said...

I love Butterball in the tree :) I have had kittens do that, too, LOL.

Kids are so much more resilient than we are to colds, pain, etc. Don't you sometimes wish we could get back?

Delenn said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is as special as you are!

I love that picture--yeah, we are all decorated and we have the three menaces--the cat, the kitten and the toddler--wondering if the tree will survive! :-)

Justine L said...

Happy birthday to you, too, I hear? Mine was just yesterday ... do we share a birthday? :)