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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A night out via text messages...

Last night, the kids, Vic, and I went out for pizza and then went to a movie. We went to CiCi's pizza for dinner and Vic was jamming to the background music...air guitars were involved.  And, when the kids objected to the air guitar, I yelled for "More cowbells." Once I explained the "More cowbells", the kids were amused enough that they started requesting other air instruments...the trumpet, the sax, etc.  I think the music was causing flashbacks to the 70s because, while playing the air sax, Vic started sucking in instead of blowing out. As outstanding and respected a citizen as Vic is now, well, back in the 70s he didn't just experiment but he was into full fledged research and development. I was in an extremely silly mood and sent out a few texts during dinner. Initials are used instead of names to protect the innocent...

Text 1: Out with the family for pizza and a movie. Do I still remember how to behave in public?
PR re T1: LOL Have a blast!!!! :)
HR re T1: Doubtful!
MMM re T1: Don't embarrass the boys please LOL!
KB re T1: As long as you don't throw Goobers at the dweebs in the row ahead of you, you're good to go! :)
KS re T1: I know you'll be fine. Woot for getting out for a family date.
DCW re T1: Lol I always drink heavily so it goes smoothly. Works EVERY time!
Text 2: Does playing the air cowbell to the background music count as embarrassing the kids?
HR re T2: Yes yes it does but...I need more cowbell!
DCW re T2: Oh yes! As does walking in front of em doin the running man or shaking your booty lol
KS re T2: To be sure!! Do it!!
-----to KS: Already done as is confusing the air saw with the air bong
----------back to me: lmao
PR re T2: Nah...bring it on!
-----to PR: How about confusing the air sax with an air bong...is that embarrassing?
MMM re T2: Yes. LOL!
KB re T2: Most definitely. Lol
LH re T1 and T2: You make me chuckle. Happy holiday to u and your fam, Kristin.
BH re T2: No! That's awesome!
-----to BH: Then I guess you would have liked the air sax being mistaken for an air bong?
----------back to me: I would have died laughing. Tell me you have a picture.

So, do y'all misbehave like this when you go out ordo you behave?


Lynn said...

Lol! I'm loving the images running through my head imagining this scene :D

Yup, The Hubs and I totally act out whenever we go out (him usually worse than me, lol....I get too embarassed). We have our own language, so people look at us funny whenever we answer one another with "Meep". And you should see the looks we get when we talk about "Pocket Cow". And, yup, we sing, play musical instruments, quote the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and Zoolander, etc.

It's great fun being out with us. Although, I have a feeling my 17-year-old niece would disagree ;D

Glad you all had a good time out!

Meari said...

Um, yeah... When my niece was 10, my sister and I took her out to breakfast at a sit-down restaurant. My sister sat across from me telling to open my mouth so she could throw food into it. She hit and miss, lol. Then we proceeded to talk about the shelf butt some lady had and how we could put food on there, lol. My niece was so embarassed at mad at us that she walked out of the restaurant and stood by the car until we were ready to leave. hahaha! She still brings it up from time to time -- how my sister and I cannot be in the same restaurant at the same time.

Chris said...

And where are the pictures? LOL
Sounds like you had a great time.

Kakunaa said...

I am a total misbehaver :) I have been known, on a very regular basis, to dance in the grocery store, mall, etc. It's either fun or embarassing to go places with me :)

The Maven said...

Hah! Love it. If we lived closer, I would so hang out with you (and text you a lot when we weren't) :P

Alana said...

What a hoot, sounds like you had a great time!

Regarding your prior post---I am LOVING that big bro wrote a Santa note for Gabe, tooooo sweet! :)

JamericanSpice said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Why am I wanting to see videos and photos. lol.

Quiet Dreams said...

Too funny!