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Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Miscellany

First of all, let me thank Mrs. Spit for the post title. Now, on to all the good nonsense.
  • Last night was Gabe's final night in his toddler bed. He has really outgrown it (the mattress is only 8 inches longer than him) and we have been trying to make room in out budget for a twin bed/bunk bed. We lucked out and one of Joey's friends just got a new bed and we were given his old bunk bed (and the box springs). I scored an almost new mattress for only $20 and it will be set up this afternoon.
  • My friend Jen is giving away a great pack of eco0friendly lunchboxes. Go check out her Get Lucky blog and enter the giveaway.
  • Remember the *HaBO portion of this post...well, Anissa's husband posted a wonderful update on her today and let us know that he sent in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition application. He also posted an address for anyone who wants to add letters to the packet. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM and write a letter.
  • Mayhem & Moxie is sponsoring a giveaway and the prize includes a 12″ x 12″ personalized piece from Modern Bird Studios and a Wi-Fi 16GB iPad. But, don't go enter because I want to win it.
  • My veggies are growing, growing, growing.
So, what's going on in y'all 's life? Anything cool and new happening? What are you reading? Who have you met? Spill your secrets here.

*HaBo = Help A Bitch Out...an acronym coined by the brilliant women at Smart Women, Trashy Books


Jen said...

aww, Gabe is just as sweet as ever

Another Dreamer said...

Aww he looks so sweet (and very much like he's about to be up to something lol) Great deal on the new bed!

JamericanSpice said...

Ooh that's so nice about getting the bed! I want a twin bunk too but don't yet have the $$

Nothing new here. Still doing chores and settling in from the trip. Now looking after a baby too. My kids love her so it's all good....hard work. :)

Now trying not to worry about the mortgage with all the stuff happening here in the gulf.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Fabulous deal on the new bed for Gabe!

Hmmm, nothing really big in my world. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow... does that count? :)

Meari said...

Yay for the new bunk beds. Can't beat free! Good price on the mattress, too.