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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The B.N. Era

Yeah, B.N. is the Before Netflix Era. You know, the era that required you schlep down to the local video store (Blockbuster Video if you were really lucky, a small local store if you weren't). The era when it took a big, bulky machine and a big, bulky video tape that became prone to breakage as it aged. Well, the fantabulous JJ from Reproductive Jeans took a stroll down the B.N. memory lane and has challenged us to share some of our favorite VHS memories.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Rocky Horror Picture Show hit the theaters in '75 and the international video market in the '80s but it wasn't released on video in the US until 1990. During college, I live in a dorm filled with geeks, nerds, and otherwise odd and eclectic people...the type of people who would know how to hook a vcr to a projection screen to host a viewing of this cult classic. And, in the summer of '89, one of our dorm members had spent the summer in Japan. He brought back a true prize, a video copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and our dorm hosted a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show during the fall of '89 which was open to the campus. While Duke started hosting an annual Halloween viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1990, none matched the campiness of our original showing because we had a video copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that was dubbed into Japanese and captioned in English. Nothing matches watching Time Warp (did you ever see the Time Warp clip from the Drew Carey Show) or Dammit Janet or Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me sung is Japanese.

Top Gun Aaaah, Top Cruise back in his pre-crazy, stay away from publicity, no jumping on couches days...you remember, back when his gorgeousness made you drool and not feel kind of skeevy and icky. And, Anthony Edwards character, Goose, was such a good guy and was so yummy. I remember how excited I was that we were able to buy this movie AS SOON AS IT CAME OUT. I totally LOVED this movie. The soundtrack was incredible. The aerial photography was beyond amazing. And, the love story made me melt (especially all those scenes to Take My Breath Away). We watched this over and over and over again. I still love it.

Dirty Dancing What can I say, I'm a sucker for a sweet, feel good romance and Dirty Dancing serves that up in style. In so many ways, it was a truly old-fashioned movie but, OH MY GAWD, getting to watch Patrick Swayze dance took it from being a pedestrian spin on a carousel straight into the *E-ticket ride stratosphere. I was in high school when this came out and I have all kinds of good memories tied up with it. Seeing the brainy sister getting the hot guy made me dream of being in her shoes back then and I've Had the Time of My Life still makes me want to get up and dance every single time I hear it. Just remember, "Nobody puts baby in a corner."

There are so many other movies I learned to love in the B.N. era...Pretty Woman, Gone With the Wind, Breakfast Club, Big, Forrest Gump, Grease, Indiana Jones, The Princess Bride, and many many more. What are some of your favorite movies and memories from the B.N. era? If you decide to share it with us, make sure you go let JJ know. She's holding a giveaway tied to her B.N. post.

* If you are too young to know what an e-ticket ride is, don't tell me. It will make me feel old.


DaisyGal said...

ahhhh, I am trying to get my list together....how did you do this???

I love all three of those movies and the others you named!!!! 2 of them are on my LIST of 10!!!!!!!!

I knew I liked you for others reasons other than you're awesome :)

Lavender Luz said...

These are some terrific memories!! Especially in your last paragraph.

I still live in the BN era, but I haven't seen many movies since, well, 2001. Wonder why.

JJ said...

Love your list! Top Gun was one I didnt see until high school--shame on me! Thanks for listing your BN favorites :)

Another Dreamer said...

The Rocky Horror showing sounds like it was a riot, omg.

Great list :)

Confession- as a child I used to watch the Princess Bride daily- I still watch it every time I get sick ;)

Quiet Dreams said...

You have some great picks there, Kristin. I'm feeling nostalgic, now.

Barb said...


MrsSpock said...

I remember the first time I saw men wearing thigh-highs in Rocky Horror- egad!

battynurse said...

Ok so I have to admit here that I've never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I remember and love all the others though. I think Top Gun was one of the first movies that I watched over and over and over again.