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Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Thoughts From My Almost Unfevered Mind

One way or the other, being sick screwed up Spring break. Sure, I'm almost healthy now but we will have to make up missed days of homeschooling next week during Spring break. Spring colds SUCK!

Joey's back at school. Vic is back at work. I am almost all better. But, Gabe and Marty now have the sniffles. I sure hope they don't get as sick as the rest of us did.

Joey is receiving his First Communion this weekend. If anyone is around, come join us at the 11 am contemporary service at Christ The King Lutheran Church in Cary, NC. If you promise not to look at the disaster that is my house (I was gonna clean but being sick took priority), you can even join us for chocolate pie topped with mousse(Joey's selection) afterward.

The Federal Healthcare Bill - I know we desperately need healthcare reform. You won't get me to deny that. However, I am not happy with the current bill that's about to be signed into law. If it is so wonderful, why is the President and his family, all our Senators and Representatives, and the Unions exempt? Also, a lot of people talk about how it empowers the people. I think it does more to empower the federal government. Honestly, I could discuss the mitutiae of the bill...break down all the issues and problems I think it has...but I don't feel like it. My brain is still far to fried for that depth of discussion.

I have lots and lots of yard work plans for next week. I hope I get even a fraction of it done. BTW, does anyone know when the best time to dig up and split daffodils is? And, does anyone know if crocuses can be dug up and split like you do with daffodils?

Since I obviously am not the only one with a warped and twisted mind around here (see the comments on the last post), I decided to add a poll...

What does Amigurumi Puppy's leg look like?

Instructions on how to use blogger poll widget to place poll inside post found on Dad's Battleground

And, last but not least, do you think anyone would be willing to buy crocheted animals like the dog and the pig that I made? The dog is about 14 inches tall in the sitting position and is a full 25 inches tall if you measure it standing up. Size would vary depending on what type of yarn I used. What do you think a fair price would be?


areyoukiddingme said...

I didn't comment on the dog post, because I couldn't get past his one leg's resemblance to, well, all of the above!

Hope you're all fit and healthy soon. Congratulations to Joey on his First Communion!

Also, there are several programs that government workers are not eligible for - sometimes they're not entitled to Social Security. I think that's just a red herring. I don't think the bill is perfect, or even great, but I'd rather not spend the next 10 years debating the minutia while the uninsured continue to grow in numbers and be a drain on the system. And all government programs empower the government first. So, my take...better than nothing, which is what we had before.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm glad ya'll are feeling better. I'll definitely be sending you a plea to The Universe that the other two don't get it as bad as you three did.

Congratulations, Joey! Good choice on a dessert, sounds yummy, enjoy it!

Sheliza said...

I am so ashamed about what I picked for the poll *hangs head* hehehe Glad you are getting better and I sure hope the boys don't get it too badly. I think folks would love your crocheted animals, not sure about pricing. Maybe you can look them up on Etsy to see what they are averaging at?

Dawn said...

Daffodils and all flowering bulbs (I think) are best dug and divided after they bloom and the green leaves die down. Then just dig them up, divide and replant. You can wait until fall, but I have a hard time remembering where they are after the green/brown tops are gone.

I have to admit that your survey on Amigurumi Puppy's leg got me to search for the photo. Can I choose all of the above?

Myndi said...

Thanks for the comment!

Sorry you have been under the weather. Ugh, I can't stand being sick!

And while I won't go into some big diatribe about the ins and outs of the health care program, but I will say I would never have signed it, not because I am against national healthcare, but because I disagree with the way that it is being handled. I find it particularly unfair that the unions will be exempt and can have their cadillac health insurance policies while the rest of us get raked over the coals for having good insurance (and you know, not just union workers take lower paying jobs so they can have better benefits, but I guess the rest of us don't count).

Darn it! So much for no diatribe! Anyhow, thanks for sayin' what you said. If there are any bloggers out there writing about not liking it, they certainly haven't come to my attention yet.

battynurse said...

Glad you're mostly feeling better and I hope the kids don't get too sick with it.
I too will agree that as far as healthcare we need something but I'm just not sure that the current "plan" is the right something.

Wishing 4 One said...

I love that you added the poll and I love that I was not the only one who thought of something naughty, LOL!

You know you could make those dogs as is, one legged, and sell on an adult website, I am so kidding.

Seriously, I think $14.99 is a fair price for a dog with two legs, then again I have no idea what yarn costs so if I am waay off, sorry. You know I am so not crafty.at.all.

Glad your feeling better and I wish I was close to NC cause I would so be there for that pie girl!

MrsSpock said...

I wish they would just have national health insurance and be done with it- though the union exclusion ticks me off too.

I vote sperm!

Quiet Dreams said...

I almost commented on the original post that you should submit it to "accidental dong," but was afraid it would be inappropriate. I see I needn't have worried. :)