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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bullets coming at you...(another HaBO added)

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This week, Joey's school has been celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. One of the things they are doing is having Mystery Readers surprise the class. I'll be going in tomorrow as a mystery reader and I'll be reading one of the Skippyjon Jones books. I can't wait.

Marty almost didn't survive today's homeschooling session. We are studying Newton's Laws of Motion and he got so frustrated because he didn't instantaneously understand it that he became cranky, mouthy, and obnoxious. He's so lucky I have almost 14 years invested in him...grrrrrrrr.

I did something to my back the other day. I woke up stiff and then spent about an hour on the floor doing a puzzle with the kid. My lower back has been aching ever since. It sucks.

Only 5 months until BlogHer. I am so excited!!!! It's even better than it was before because my bestest buddy and sister by choice is going to be my roomie for BlogHer.

My baby sis totally rocks. She is going to watch the boys one night so Vic and I can go out to dinner and a movie.

A huge CONGRATS going out to Wishing4One who saw 2 beautiful heartbeats at 5 weeks 4 days!

A few HaBOs:
  • Nancy found a weird lump and is getting it checked out tomorrow. Check in on her please.
  • Hanen over at Sesame-Seed-Sized Dreams just received the birth certificate for her daughter who was killed at 34 weeks gestation in an auto accident. She could use some love and support.
  • Eve at Pour Away The Ocean continues to grieve the loss of her son Will (lost at about 24 weeks gestation...not sure about the week) while she miraculously continues to carry his twin Abby. She is in the hospital fighting off pre-term labor that could cause the twins to be delivered before little Abby is ready. Let's rally around her.
  • JJ over at Reproductive Jeans has had a biopsy done on possible skin cancer. Please go lend her your support.

1 comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

Bullets coming right back at ya ;o)

Have so much fun reading to the class, that sounds like fun!

I bow down to you homeschooling Marty! There is NO way I could do that. Not because I don't have the patience, but because I'm afraid i wouldn't do a good job. I hope he knows how AMAZING you are!

ACK, a stiff back is never fun. I hope it gets better soon.

I am GREEN with envy about BlogHer. Take lots of pictures and have SO much fun!

Enjoy your dinner and movie with Vic. Your baby sis DOES rock!

I love that your calling out for support for those lovely ladies. Have I mentioned how amazing you are? Cause you TOTALLY are! Love ya sweetie!