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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchen Gadget Madness

I am in kitchen gadget heaven. I spent part of the day with my mother-in-law and, while I was there, she decided it was time to get rid of some of the kitchen stuff my *brother-in-law had bought. I came home with all kinds of goodies. I had an entire bag full of yummy drink mixes, a bag with soup mixes, and some kitchen gadgets (pictures are clickable links to products).

Every time we went over to visit Jose, my kids would go gaga over his soda maker. Yup, my brother-in-law had his own soda maker. You start with plain tap water, use a CO2 cartridge to add the carbonation, and then add your flavor of choice. My mother-in-law remembered how much my boys liked it and sent it home with me so the boys could have something to remember Uncle Jose with. We made root beer tonight and it was delish. Joey said it was better than the store bought root beer and Gabe just laughed hysterically at the farting noise it makes while it carbonates the water.
I also came home with my very own whipped cream maker/dispenser. You know those aerosol cams of whipped cream you can buy at the grocery store? Well, this handy little gadget lets you have that at home without all the chemicals and crap they put into the commercial version. Sure, it's really easy to make whipped cream with a blender but this gadget is pretty damned cool too. I don't think I ever would have bought it for myself but I definitely like having it.
The last kitchen gadget I have to share with you is something I actually bought for myself last month. I was looking to replace my Swizz Prozzz food chopper that I bought last year. I loved that thing and used it almost every day but, sadly, it broke (not a fault of the product...my dishwasher overheated and warped it). When I was searching, I found the Chef'n VeggiChop Hand Powered Food Chopper. It was significantly cheaper than the Swizz Prozzz and it had two features I really loved. The little arm that is designed to keep herbs and small pieces of veggies off the bottom so they will continue to get chopped is permanently affixed. My Swizz Prozzz had one of those arms but it was removable and it always fell off and finally broke. The Chef'n VeggiChop also has a much larger capacity than my Swizz Prozz. I got the Chef'n VeggiChop and I love it. I use these hand choppers so much more than a full sized food processor. They are so east to clean and don't take up nearly as much counter space or cabinet space.

What's your favorite kitchen toy and where can I get it?

PS...this post is sponsored by no one. I'm just telling you about products I like.