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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rock 'n Roll ICLW

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my Lair and a little thing Mel likes to call ICLW. If you don't know what ICLW is, what rock have you been hiding under? Seriously, just joking there. If you want to know more about ICLW, click on that little light blue rectangle with the cute puppy dog on it. If you are new around here, feel free to poke around and click on links. I think I've hidden the bodies well enough not to scare anyone away.

I thought I'd kick off ICLW with a most excellent meme I've found. So, welcome to The Art Band version of Rock 'n Roll Fridays. This week's questions are all based on lyrics from songs by art bands.

1. YES … AND YOU AND I : “Coins and crosses never know their fruitless worth..”
What inanimate object do you cherish? My wedding ring and my kids' baby pictures.

2. MOODY BLUES … MELANCHOLY MAN : “Another man is what you'll see, Who looks like you and looks like me, And yet somehow he will not feel the same, His life caught up in misery, he doesn't think like you and me…”
When have you felt like an outcast? In middle school.  That was a seriously miserable time for me.

3. EMERSON LAKE & PALMER … THE ENDLESS ENIGMA : “I've seen paupers as kings
Puppets on strings, Dance for the children who stare. You must have seen them everywhere”
How did you entertain a young child recently? Gabe is only 5. He counts as young, right?  Gabe and I played Uno Attacks about a million times the other day..

4. KING CRIMSON … THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING : “The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sing; Three lullabies in an ancient tongue, For the court of the crimson king…”
Who is your favorite instrumental group or player? I like Yanni and I like music from things like Arthur Feidler and the Boston Pops.

5. PINK FLOYD … US AND THEM : “I've got things on my mind, for want of the price of tea and a slice, the old man died…”
Do you give money to beggars? Sometimes...I kind of base whether I give or not on my instinctual reaction to the situation and person.

6. DAVID BOWIE … SPACE ODDITY : “Ground control to Major Tom, Your circuits dead, there's something wrong, Can you hear me, Major Tom?”
Who were you speaking with the last time you had a dropped the call? I was talking to my mom and she drove into a dead zone.

7. ROXY MUSIC … OH YEAH : “Day and night drifting into love, Driving you home from a movie show, So in tune to the sounds in my car…”
Do you have a special romantic song you love to listen to in the car? I love to listen to Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd.  It was the song for our first dance.

8. VELVET UNDERGROUND … FEMME FATALE : “See the way she walks, Hear the way she talks, You're put down in her book, You're number 37, have a look…”
Have you dated a lot of people? (More than 10) Nope

9. THE NICE … COUNTRY PIE : “Listen to the fiddler play, When he's playin' 'til the break of day, Oh me, oh my, Love that country pie.”
What is your favorite kind of pie? I absolutely LOVE Caramel Apple Crunch Pie.

10. FRANK ZAPPA … DON’T YOU EAT THAT YELLOW SNOW : “And the northern lights commenced to glow, And she said, with a tear in her eye, Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow…”
Have you ever eaten snow? Yes, but never the yellow stuff...LOL.

11. GENESIS …THROWING IT ALL AWAY : “When there's nothing that I can say -
we're throwing it all away…”
What was the last thing you threw away? The sweetener packets from my morning coffee.

12. KATE BUSH …THE DREAMING : “Many an aborigine’s mistaken for a tree, see the light ram through the gaps in the land. You near him on the motorway and the tree began to breathe…”
Have you ever accidentally killed or injured an animal with your car? Sadly, yes. About a week after I got my license, a little dog ran out into the road. I had a choice between putting my car in the ditch and potentially injuring myself badly or hitting the dog. I did NOT go into the ditch and then I sat and sobbed about it for  a while.

13. JETHRO TULL … LOCOMOTIVE BREATH : “In the shuffling madness Of the locomotive breath, Runs the all time loser, Headlong to his death…”
Have you ever been in a dangerous situation where you could have been hurt or killed? Yeah, I use to be a paramedic and there were some calls I went on that were potentially dangerous. I also shared an apartment with a future murderer (he was my aparment mate's boyfriend).

Keeping with the theme of questions and answers, I'm going to open the floor to y'all. Ask anything you want...and I do mean anything. The only cautionary word I'll give you is don't ask if  you don't want to know because I will answer anything.

Happy ICLW y'all!


Melissa said...

Just joined ICLW! Yay! Happy Friday, darlin'!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Gee, I don't care about my wedding rings. Oh, maybe that's because I divorced those wives? Oops.

Annette said...

It sounds like middle school and high school were miserable for most. I know I hated high school...HATED IT.

Alana said...

Great intro, and fun meme!


Hope said...

Happy ICLW. Very fun and informative little game to play with song lyrics/questions. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

The C's said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Like new visitors! =)
I'm glad you found a protocol that works for you. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find the best protocol on TTC, but we're hopeful this will be the year!
The C's

Jin said...

That's an awesome meme! Thanks for stopping by!

And middle school...ugh. I dont understand the point of that one. My DH is a firefighter-paramedic and I've heard some doosies about calls. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog and for starting on the bottom ;) Cool way to do ICLW ;)

DJ KathyA said...

Kristin thanks for playing my meme and the nice intro in your above blog post. I think we had several similar answers, especially the Middle school one. That must have been awful hitting a dog. I can't imagine getting over that for a long time. I laughed when you said you played Uno Attcks about a million times with your 5 yr old. Kids love to play and play and play the same thing way past comfort level for adults. You shared an apt with a murderer?! YIKES! After seeing the assortment of "regular-looking" people going on killing sprees, it's scary out there! Have a great weekend. : )

- Mrs. D said...

Happy ICLW!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - glad to meet you! I'm surprised I've never stumbled upon your blog in the past... you have quite the blog and quite the following!

I read through your story... wow, you've been through a lot. I feel like IF forever paints itself into our lives... but brings so many great people together.

Looking forward to additional updates!

JamericanSpice said...

I'm looking at the link to the 70 stitch machine you sent and gosh I'm falling in love! It's just a bit over budget. It's just overbudget. Did I say over budget? gosh.

And I had no clue the Singer made Brother machines!!! Something to learn.

And I definitely agree with you that the 50 stitch is only more expensive because Project Runway sticker is attached to it. Reasons why it wasn't really on my radar.

Thank you for sharing love. I appreciate it.

JamericanSpice said...

Wow a future murderer. That is crazy.

And how long ago did you get your license? Some memories just stick around huh. I'm glad you weren't injured.

Looks like a fun meme!

Enjoy your weekend.

Lynn said...

I love this post :D Will have to think of what to ask and come back when I'm not at work!