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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back from the computer graveyard

A post brought to you in bullets (which almost got used to kill the recalcitrant computer) ...

*Once again, my wonderful computer geek husband has saved our computer from the junk heap. There are still a few things to be reloaded and a few things to figure out (like why, oh why is WeatherBug insisting on displaying itself in the task bar along with the normal lower right hand corner of the screen display) but, overall, the computer is 100% again..

*It is seriously wrong and unfair that after two days of 85 degree weather less than a week ago, we are now facing two nights worth of freeze warnings. What happened to in like a lion and out like a lamb?

*It's also seriously unfair that those two gorgeous warm, sunny days happened while we were all sick and now that we are well, it is cold and rainy...ugh.

*I am still tweaking the gloves I am making. Have to take the fingers back off and make them a bit shorter.

*Speaking of crafts, I finally got pics from my friend Sheila of the quilt she is making. I've seen it in person and the pics don't really do it justice. She still has to put the layers together, quilt it, and put on the binding. Sheila says it will be done in about a week. First and last picture are clickable for enlarged viewing.
You can see a better close up of the corner blocks in this post.

I apologize for my lack of substantial posts during ICLW but the computer issues could not be avoided.


Bright Eyes said...

The quilt is AMAZING! It's so beautiful, great job you two!

Sorry about all the computer issues, hopefully it'll all get sorted out soon.

Kristin (kekis) said...

Welcome back to the land of computer. Technology is great until it doesn't work properly. :)

Sheila's quilt is beautiful! I love, love, love it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilt! Thanks so much for taking the lead on this. You are an amazing woman... -Tally (Lindsay in Ontario)

foxy said...

incredible. Really beautiful work of art.

MrsSpock said...

Wow, great quilting skills!

Dora said...

Gorgeous! I have not doubt this will be treasured.

Stacie said...

I agree! Such a beautiful quilt!

ASP said...

Welcome back! Computer problems are so frustrating! The quilt is beautiful! Your friend is super talented!

Vicki said...

I so agree with you on the weather. I was so cold this weekend, after having those warm days, that I felt like hibernating.

Glad hubby was able to save your computer yet again. That doesn't happen here...when a computer problem happens, hubby looks to me which is pretty darn scary. LOL

Kira said...

I hate it when technology has an Epic Fail. Glad you're up and running again!

Quiet Dreams said...

Comment in bullet form:
*Gorgeous quilt! I love it!

*A geek husband is a true gift to treasure. :)

*we are currently having a "cold" snap (cold for us) and I feel your pain about the weather playing tricks on you.