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Friday, March 04, 2011

An Amazing Little Girl

See this beautiful little girl...
Her name is Lizzie and her mom, Jen of In One Ear, is a dear friend of mine. I got an email from Jen today directing me to a new blog she set up for a project Lizzie is spearheading. See, Lizzie wants to raise $1000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and, for every dollar you donate, she will fold one of those gorgeous little origami cranes she is holding and will write the donor's name on a wing. When she is done raising money, she will have a chain of 1000 cranes with 1000 names to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation along with the money.

I beg and plead of you, I know money is tight. I know a bunch of you are helping me with another project but, dig through your purse or look under your couch cushions and gather up one dollar. Head on over to Cranes4aCure and email Lizzie and her mom Jen (the email address is at the bottom of the post) to find out how to donate that dollar. While you are there, take a minute to click on the follow button. That way, you will get to see a picture of each crane as Lizzie makes them. Help this amazing little girl reach her goal. I have $5 I am planning on sending in...one dollar for each member of my family. Whose going to join me?


Jen said...

thanks Kristin!

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