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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Fluff For You

I promise, I really, really promise to write a post of substance and meaning later today but I just have to share this with you. Jen of EPBOT and Cake Wrecks brought this gem to my attention and it appeals to the girly, geeky, Disney loving side of me. See, there is this guy, Nick Pitera, who entertains himself and others by creating these amazing videos and has had his cover of at least on Disney hit go viral. Nick's latest, and possibly greatest video is titled "One Man Disney Movie". So, sit back, hit play, and, as Jen said, "get ready to have a big ol' pixie-dust sprinkled grin on your face for the next eight and a half minutes:"

BTW, that really and truly is him voicing each and every one of those roles...and can you believe the mad editing skillz he has. SO MUCH FUN!


AnotherDreamer said...

That is AMAZING. I saw that she'd posted that on there, but hadn't gotten around to watching it yet. Wow.

Lindsay said...

OMG that is awesome!I love the steam!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

That is so totally cool! That guy has some serious skills!