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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Weekend With The Cruz Family

As always, life was crazy this weekend. On Friday, Joey's friend Lily was over (she lives behind us) and Joey, Lily, and Gabe were playing "fight" on the trampoline. Needless to say, Gabe was being Gabe and was wide open. He ended up going forehead first into one of the poles that support the safety net. The safety net left a grid of scratches on his goose egg.

Luckily, instead of the goose egg growing bigger and developing a nasty bruise, it was mostly gone by the next day. However, the lovely little grid of scratches is still there.

And, Marty has decided he wants to learn to bake this summer. On Friday, he requested his first baking lesson. I gave him my cookbook and he decided we needed to make lemon bars. He did a great job and the lemon bars didn't last that long at all.

On Saturday, my parents came up and my dad worked on the platform "tree fort" he is building for the boys in our back yard. Instead of a ladder, it has a staircase so Gabe can easily go up and down. And, my dad added a cross brace between 2 of the legs and attached a slide their for Gabe.

Joey also had me pull his tooth on Saturday. We have had to pull almost every single loose tooth that Joey has had. His teeth are extremely stubborn about coming out and sometimes, even though they are very loose, they won't fall out. They get to a point where the irritation of having the tooth loose in his mouth outweighs the temporary pain of having the tooth pulled. Every other time we have done this, I've been able to tie a string around it and yank the tooth. But, this time, I couldn't get the string into a secure location. It kept slipping off. So, I told Joey that if he wanted it out I would have to use something like pliers that would give me a secure hold. My brave, brave boy told me to go ahead.

He felt so much better once the tooth was out.

Sunday was fairly quite...church and family time. Then the boys had friends over in the afternoon. How was your weekend?


niobe said...

Sounds like a great weekend. My weekend, let's see?

Saturday: Went to the local "Riverfest" (a fair down by -- you guessed it -- the river) with my brother, SIL and their little girl. Planted a lot of basil. Cole managed to actually crawl forward a couple of inches before toppling directly on his head. (lots of tears, but no serious damage).

Sunday: It poured all day. L and Gray left for Europe for a couple of weeks, leaving me to luxuriate in my almost-empty house.

Beautiful Mess said...

Aww poor Gabe! Glad his bump is gone, though. Marty's lemon bars look great! Way to go! Maybe I'll make a batch today. I do have a few lemons that need to be used up...Joey you're a very brave kid! There is NO way I'd let anyone near my mouth with a pair of pliers!
Our weekend was crazy too. Zilla had a friend stay the night Friday. The Nae had TWO friends stay the night Saturday. Three 12 year old girls and their high pitched giggles make me twitch. Although, they were very well behaved. Just LOUD!
P.S. Love the curl that's going rouge in your picture. It looks very cute!

Cara said...

Oh - the weekened we had - I think exhaustion levels pretty much match!

We did a community yard sale 8-3 on Sat followed by a grad party,then my 15th reunion from HS.
The girls were pooped!!!

Sunday was children's day at church and I'm the ss teacher...

GLAD the weekend is over!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend--other than the bump on the noggin, that is.

We had a surprise party for my parents' fortieth anniversary! yay!

battynurse said...

Ooh yikes on that goose egg and bruise. Looks almost like the poor little guy got pegged with a football.
I LOVE lemon bars. Those look yummy. Glad you had a great weekend.
I'll get to the tag thing eventually.

Nina said...

We celebrated my Dad's 51st birthday and I got to play with my nephew. He's really liking things that light up and spin just now. It's funny to watch him try to figure out how to do it himself. Saturday, we had company impromptu, and, surprisingly, I didn't want to kill my husband after it was all overwith. We did dinner and everything. Wasn't bad. I'm so sorry about Gabe. Bless his heart. Watch him for signs of concussion! Fever, throwing up, generally not feeling well. Hope he feels better soon!

Sheliza said...

awesome post and I just love the fact that you had photos to go with it all! Poor Gabe :( Now I'm craving lemon bars! lol!

Meari said...

Oh lord... grid marks and pulling teeth with pliers! Plus a new fort and lemon bars. Lots 'O excitement!

Lavender Luz said...

You are a strong mama. I am too squeamish to do tooth duty -- it always falls to Daddy.

What an eventful weekend! Glad all's well that ends well.

JuliaS said...

Late to the party - as usual!

Hope Gabe's poor head is healed and feeling much better. Love the tooth shot! Hope the Tooth Fairy was good to Joey.

LOVE lemon bars, absolutely LOVE them. Going to have to go make a batch for myself now - thanks! :0)

Sounds like it was a lovely weekend - bumps and scrapes notwithstanding.