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Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's Out For The Summer

Hey y'all. We've hit that day that teachers eagerly look forward to and parents face with a bit of trepidation...the first day of summer vacation. My boys officially finished up the '08-'09 school year yesterday but I'll be damned if they didn't try to finish it early. Marty petitioned to be allowed to play hooky and Joey wanted to be picked up early. Do you think either thing happened? Bwahahaha, NO! Evil Mom rules.

What are your plans for the summer? Initially, I was planning on a totally laid back summer with few scheduled activities but that changed when I was able to get summer camp scholarships for Marty and Joey. We will still be going to the pool and hanging out quite a bit but they also get to escape for a while which will be good for them and good for my sanity ;) Next Monday, Marty starts Cary Space Academy (which is based on the NASA camp) and Joey starts BMX Skateboard Camp. Unfortunately, since Gabe stubbornly refuses to potty train (he is driving me crazy), he isn't eligible for any of the summer art programs he could have enrolled in. Oh well, hopefully that issue will be cured by summer's end.

I have a lot of projects I want to get done this summer. In addition to all my craft projects, I want to get Gabe's room painted. If I can get the paint, that will be a summer project. Gabe has decided its fun to sleepover in his brothers' room so it wouldn't even have to be a rushed project. I also want to redo my flower beds. For years, this house was a rental house and the flower beds were not taken care of. I have a flower bed between the driveway and the house (why would you put one there...the flowers are blocked by cars) that will serve as a home to anything I want to keep. Once I have cleared all the keepable (ya I know, not a word) things out of the beds along the front of the house, I'm going to attack them with a scorched earth policy...everything will go. Hopefully, by fall, I can have them in really good shape and I can plant!

Also, if I'm really lucky, my friend Rys and her family will get to come visit.

What are y'all planning to do this summer?


Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for summer! Ours doesn't start until Wednesday. The children are anxiously anticipating that day!

I had to potty train Zilla during the summer and he did GREAT! Peeing outside was the clincher for him. He thought it was the coolest thing EVER! Plus getting to look at that naked tushy all the time was too cute ;o)

Enjoy your summer and I hope the boys love their summer camps!

Sheliza said...

I just left a comment and accidentally lost it. damn! It was a long one too! Sounds like the boys are going to be in really fun camps and poor Gabe, he'll get there eventually! I am sure by the end of the Summer you will have him doing what he needs to :)

As for us the girls have volleyball camps, conditioning, tryouts and practices (yes, they will make the team!) They both take piano lessons and have loads of summer reading along with written assignments. Brie will also be doing a once per week web-based individualized math program that is new to her school this year. We enrolled her for a full year (including Summer). Other than that we will hang at their bff's pool and maybe take quick day trips. We bought a membership to our state museum so we will take advantage of the cool indoor activities~! Before you know it we will be talking about back-to-school *sighs*

Barb said...

I have LOTS AND LOTS of projects too... all the stuff we haven't finished the past 3 yrs b/c the house put us in the poor house. Now we have that on top of baby stuff!

JuliaS said...

Summer plans:

Recover from sinus stuff
Take on 2 extra kids for the summer (my neices)
Try not to lose sanity :0)
Maintain a fun and light schedule/routine so sanity for all and boredom for none abound!

Kristin - thank you for your sweet comments. You are ALWAYS there with kind supportive words and I know it isn't just the Vicodin make me syrupy - it is a blessing to know you!

Stacie said...

Yeah for summer! The camps sound like a lot of fun, especially the space camp. Your boys are lucky! Maybe Gabe is stalling on the training so he can keep the one on one time with you? :-)

Is sleep a valid summer plan? Cause that is all I want to do...

Carrie27 said...

You totally take the "evil" mom away when you enroll the boys in some awesome camps! You rock!

Summer plans: Disney next week and a couple little day trips here and there, but mostly sitting on my arse.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Yippee for summer! And WAY cool that your boys go to summer camps!

What am I most looking forward to this summer? Mother-daughter bonding. :)