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Thursday, June 04, 2009

A funny thing heard on the way home from school

Gabe and I were on our way home from dropping Joey off at school this morning and he was in the back seat chattering a mile a minute. According to Gabe, the *Wubb Girlz, Sparkle Shimmer and SHIIIIIINE!, were riding with us. I'm only half listening because I'm watching traffic and I think I hear Gabe say, "The Wubb Girlz like my butt." I figure the safest response is neutral (don'twant to encourage this) so all I say is "Um...ok." Then he says, "The Wubb Girlz like my big butt." I start thinking, "Oh good God. I am not ready to try to expalin to a 3 yr old why he shouldn't say that." And, Gabe says, "It's yellow."

And, the lightbulb went on. Gabe said, "The Wubb Girlz like my bus" not "The Wubb Girlz like my butt."


And, just so y'all will have this insidious song stuck in your head. Here's Sparkle, Shimmer, and SHIIIIIINE!

*For those not in the know, those characters are a girl band on Wow Wow Wubbzy and Shine is played by Beyonce and always sings out her name.


Soralis said...

Ha Ha... the things kids say, and what we think they say!

And I bet you have a nice butt anyway! (I am currently trying to explain to my kids that it's not nice to say MOM have a big butt! LOL)

Anonymous said...

would have loved to see your face when you thought he was saying the first two things....lol
hope you are writing these all down somewhere else too. i started with my older son but somewhere in life forgot about it. when i go back to read what he has said i am in laughing so hard i am in tears....so good when i am having a bad day

Beautiful Mess said...

There is NO way I'm clicking on that video! That damn song will get stuck in my head for DAYS!

MrsSpock said...

Yeah, a 3 yr old should not think they have a big butt. Whew. Thank goodness for buses...

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

ROFL. Your "big butt" error cracked me up! :)

Meari said...

Hahahaha... Way too funny!