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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evil Mom Teaches Responsibility...

My older two kids are fully convinced that my eeeeevil side has fully taken over. After all , who except a thoroughly evil parent would make them do CHORES on the first Saturday of summer vacation...the horrors. See, recently, I decided I was completely sick and tired of doing all the pet care around our house. Yeah, the boys refill pet food bowls and give them water but ONLY when we make them. And, they never, ever do the nasty chores like cleaning the litter box and pooper scooping the yard. Well, evil mom decided it was time for that to change. I bet you can imagine how well that went over...like a lead ballon...

scene fades to black and, as the light comes back up, we see Evil Mom (EM), the Much Beleagured Middle Schooler (MBMS), and Sir Whines Alot (SWA)...

EM: Hey guys...come here please.
MBMS: Yeah mom, what do you want.
EM: You guys are going to have some new chores around here.
MBMS & SWA together: Why? What did we do?
EM: You didn't do anything wrong. You are just old enough to start taking responsibility for some things. You are going to rotate these jobs. One of you will pooper scoop the yard and one will clean the litter box.
MBMS & SWA: Eeeeeeewwww...gross! Why do we have to? I don't want to.
EM: I didn't ask whether you wanted to. I told you these were your new jobs.
MBMS: But mom, I didn't have to do this when I was Joey's age.
EM: Marty, where did we live when you were Joey's age?
MBMS: The old house.
EM: And, did we have a much bigger yard?
MBMS: Well, yeah....but,
EM: And, did the dogs mostly go out and poop in the yard?
MBMS: But...
EM: No buts, that's why you didn't have to do these chores then and why you have to do them now.
MBMS: Well, can I at least get paid for this.
EM: No, this is your way of helping maintain the family. You will not get paid for this.

grumble, grumble, grumble...notice that SWA actually wasn't complaining a lot this time...he saved it for later

Yes, the kids have taken over these jobs. Yes, they whine and bitch and moan and complain EVERYTIME. They resort to all kids of tactics to avoid the "horrrrrrrible smells" like VIck's vaporub or tying shirts around their faces. You know, this is becoming EXCELLENT entertainment. I may have to start taking picstures of the faces they make each time.

Evil Mom shoots and SCORES!


Gaynor said...

Good for you. My ds has to go around the fields and clean up the dog poop and spent last Saturday down the bog turning the turf...at 8 in the morning.
I used to teach teenagers and trust me: you can tell which ones help out at home and which don't. Great prep for adult life which is what parenting is about lol!

Beautiful Mess said...

Good work, EM! My kids hate it when I make them do chores. You would think I was asking them to do ALL the laundry, fold it AND put it away, PLUS the dishes, bathroom AND the bedrooms. When in actuality, all I'm asking them to do is the dishes OR the laundry. Sucks to have to be responsible, doesn't it kids? ;o)

Jaymee said...

you mean evil mommy, how dare you make them actually DO something to take care of the animals. not paying them, that is just awful!!

i of course am just kidding. good for you. kids need that type of responsibility and learning that a pay raise does not always come with these responsibilities.

Dora said...

Your Evil Mom posts are my favorites! Can't wait for the pictures.

Nina said...

Yes, pictures! My stepson thought I was turning him into an indentured servant. On second thought, I'm not sure he knew what that was, but you get the point. He got mad when I made him re-do it when he didn't do things correctly, too. Bless his heart.

REZA said...

nice post,,,

Bean said...

I tagged you, haha!! <3

Yoyo said...

HooRay for you, good work evil mom!! Way to go. Now, when they don't put their clothes away you make them wash them, with soap!! in the bathtub with a scrub-board (anybody remember what a scrub-board is?). I swear, my mom really was EVIL! I really think un-paid chores is great life training though, every kid should have some.

battynurse said...

Go Evil Mom!!! I know when I was a kid I didn't have to do much as far as chores and hope that I teach my children better.

Another Dreamer said...

Way to go! Stick it to 'em ;)

Meari said...

Hahahaha.... I'd love to see photos. You're such an EM!