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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Six Silly Things That Make Me Smile

The lovely Bean tagged me for this and I really like the idea of this meme so I'm participating. Hell, it also keeps me from overtaxing my poor brain to come up with a blog topic. The original title of this meme had unimportant in place of silly. I LOVE that Bean changed it because anything that makes us happy is not nor ever will be unimportant.

Here's how it works:
* Mention and link to the person who tagged you
* List Six Silly Things That Make You Happy
* Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along

Here are my 6 Silly Things In No Particular Order
  1. Stacks and piles of fabric of every color and design. I look at that fabric rainbow and am inspired to create all kinds of lovely, beautiful things. I imagine patchwork quilts, lovely clothing, totes bags, and toys. Of course, in the fantasies inspired by the fabric, I have unlimited time to create this loveliness.
  2. Puns, jokes, plays on words...that's why I love Piers Anthony' s books and Robert Aspirin's Myth and Phule's Company books so much. Pure, unadulterated silliness and fun.
  3. Raspberries and chocolate...is it silly that a food combination makes me smile, maybe! But, that combination is to die for especially when they are wrapped together in a croissant from the 9th Street Bakery.
  4. Dragons...figurines, stuffed animals, cross stitch designs, books about them...I love them. I love the flights of fancy they induce. They make me happy.
  5. My craft stash...I love going through it and imagining the perfect floss to use for a project or how wonderful a certain fiber will look on a certain fabric. I love the way to light glints off the beads or all the possibilities an empty jar holds when I am creating something.
  6. My jewelry...I have pretty things (my engagement ring, my amethyst ring, and some necklaces) but I also love my kitschy holiday jewelry. They are fun, cute, and some of them belonged to my Grandma.
Gaynor, YoYo, FatChick, Geek By Marriage, Batty Nurse, and Margaret...TAG, you're it! If there is anyone else who wants to join it, consider yourself tagged by me.


Bean said...

love it! I was thinking of adding more to my list too... I love driving with the windows open, with the music really really fucking loud and the wind blowing through my hair :D

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

What a super list.

I love that your crafts (and craft supplies) are such a positive outlet for you!


Fat Chick said...

Excellent! I love jewelry, too, especially costume jewelry.

Hmmm... now to find 6 things. Thanks for the tag!

Beautiful Mess said...

That was fun to read! If I click on the link to the bakery, will you have a bucket of water ready to put out my credit card?

Another Dreamer said...

What a freakin' awesome list.

I LOVE Piers Anthony!!!
And I'm rather fond of dragons too ;)

And don't get me started about my jewelry... most of it's cheap, but I love it.

Lavender Luz said...

OMG, I *loved* the Incarnations of Immortality. Such a great series.

You make me smile, Kristin!

Meari said...

I *love* reading these little tidbits :)