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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer is time to relax, isn't it?

Wheeeeeeeee, I have our summer schedule  on the calendar and to say we're going to be busy is a bit of an understatement. To say I'm a little bit overwhelmed is also an understatement. This is what our summer looks like...
  • June 12-16 Beach Ball Advanced camp for Marty...this camp is part of the summer program offered through the Lutheran Church here in North Carolina. They are going to swim, take ocean kayak lessons, take surf lessons, and there will be evening bible studies.
  • June 18, June 25, July 9 Ceramics class for me and Joey...this is offered through the Town of Cary at the new Cary Community Arts Center. 
  • June 20- 23 BMX Bike camp for Joey...this is also offered through the Town of Cary Parks and Rec Department
  • July 5-8 Vacation Bible School for Gabe...at our church...the theme this year is Hometown Nazareth - where Jesus was a kid. They will be learning about what life was like back then.
  • July 11-15 Civil War Experience camp for Marty...this is also offered through the Town of Cary Parks and Rec Department and it will be the thrid summer Marty has participated in this camp. He loves it and can't wait for the field trip to the Bentonville Battle Ground.
  • July 18 - 21 Around The World In 4 Days cooking camp for Marty...this is also offered through the Town of Cary Parks and Rec Department. They meet about an hour before lunch time and learn to cook recipes from around the world and then eat their handywork.
  • July 23 Bees and Butterflies one day learning experience for Gabe and me...this is also offered through the Town of Cary Parks and Rec Department
  • somewhere in there we are also going to try to go to my parents for a few days and there will also be more trips to the pool than you can count...and, we can't forget Joey's Tae Kwon Do 2 to 3 times a week.
  • August 4-7 BlogHer in San Diego for me!...if I've survived the rest of the summer.
Can you please explain to me what I've gotten myself into? Honestly though, I don't regret one bit of this schedule. I absolutely love how excited they are about all the upcoming activites and it's so much fun to hear them chatter on about all the things they've learned or done. They are only going to be my LITTLE boys for a short time longer. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Oh yeah, and share your summer plans with us...inquiring minds want to know.


Lynn said...

Oh, wow! You really are going to be a super busy woman!

Can I just say, though, how much I want to live in your town?!?! So much they offer! Our town (well, towns, really - the one we live in and the one we work in) is slowly dying. Nothing to do around here and no one trying to make anything happen.

As for my summer plans, well there will be work, work, work and..um...oh, yeah! More work! Lol! We keep trying to plan a time to come up and visit you, but everytime it looks like we'll get to make it, something comes up. Maybe we'll get there sometime in the fall. Hugs!

Alana said...

I'm with Lynn---your town sounds awesome and very family oriented! You'll be one busy gal!

We're spending lots of our Florida time at the public pool, and the rest of the time traveling to see extended family in Ohio and Wisconsin. :)

Sheliza said...

You know I know how it is! At least you are organized with a plan. It makes things go a bit smoother. I think it is always better to be busy than to be idle although a tiny break here and there is not bad either. Have fun!!

Quiet Dreams said...

You are busy, woman!

I am working, working, working...but this weekend I go visit a friend for a week, and then have the second week of my vacation to just be a slug!