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Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Friday Night Leftovers

Once again, it's a mashup. I wanted to do Calliope's Photo Friday and Danifred's Friday Night Leftovers and so I'm doing them both at once again This seems to be becoming a habit.
  • The Photo Friday theme is Sun and nothing says sun more than bright summer days...
Gabe at Kids Together Playground
I love how the bright sun sort of washes out the features.
  • Remember when Gabe told me I wasn't his mother anymore? Well, he's expanded his repertoire. Today, I had a houseful of boys. Counting my boys, there were 7 boys between the ages of 5 and 14. Gabe was pinging off the wall and he was so loud it was difficult for the older boys to watch their movie. After multiple requests and then warnings, I made him come in to the living room with me. He was pissed. First, he informed me I wasn't his mother anymore. I laughed and told him he was stuck with me. Then he told me he wasn't my son anymore and again I laughed at him and said "Sorry dude, it doesn't work that way either. You're stuck with me. The he said "Fine, then I'm not living with you anymore." I think he was kind of pissed when I told him he could move into the dog house out back. We went through all the options but this time, every time I said he was stuck with me, he shrieked at me "Stop saying that." When we finally hit the "Fine, then I'm not living with you anymore" stage, I added to my response and told him he could live in the dog house, drink their dirty water, and eat mud. This really pissed him off. When he started crying, I cuddled him and asked him if it was sometimes hard to be the little one. He, of course, said yes and, after a little cuddling, he calmed down. I learned the hard way a long time ago that I had to go this route with him if I were to ever get him to admit to the real issue.
  • The loose tension pulley (suppose to keep the belts in my van's engine tight) in my van finally caused my air conditioning belt to snap. We are right in the middle of a pay cycle. Luckily, our fabulous mechanics were willing to take the Manatee in, fix her, and wait until next Friday to get paid. They ROCK and the Manatee will be home and 100% fixed tomorrow am.
  • Marty and Gabe just spent the past 10 minutes madly chasing and tickling each other around the center of our house. I love seeing my boys play together.
What's going on in your life?


Vee said...

Short sleeves, shorts and a pool... I want my Summer back please :) I can certainly feel the sun in those pics.

AnotherDreamer said...

Love the photos, wish I was there! lol

Aww about the story about Gabe. I was the youngest, my siblings were sometimes awesome... sometimes really harsh. I LOVE your response about the dog house though and way you handled it all.

And very awesome that the mechanics can fix it now then wait for you guys to get paid!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I actually like the mash up -- it's a little of column A, a little of column B. Like a pu-pu platter post.

It is really hard to be the youngest. To see the older kids playing and know that you can never truly be a part of it just due to age.

Sheliza said...

Wow, I am so going to remember how you handled things with Gabe because something tells me William will go there one day! Good for you having a mechanic to fix your manatee! :)

Danifred said...

I love how you handled the situation. I'm sure my "you're not my mother" days are coming.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Great pics! I love hearing about your boys and how lively they are! So different but so similar to my nieces.

Sounds like summer is gonna be a busy one for you and your fellas! Glad the Manatee is back in business. =)