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Monday, June 27, 2011

FU On The Lawn - a guest post from husband

A long, long, time ago (about 36 years ago);  in a country far, far away (the former West Germany)' in a now closed down US Army base (Herzo Artillery Base)...

The Army had a summer youth dependent work program.  The purpose of this was to have the kids tied up during the summer vacation, thus giving the base commander and the Provost Marshall (the Chief of Police in an Army base) a break.  During the summer of '75, I was hired by the post Engineers, doing basic maintenance on post.

One week, my friend and I were assigned to mow the field next to the NCO/EM Club (the enlisted men's club). It so happened that this field was also the approach path for incoming helicopters (the brass). So what do you think happens when a person's balls are bigger than their brain?

PS and I got ready to mow the field, and I asked him "What if I was to mow 'FUCK YOU' in 10 ft tall letters?" Remember the balls vs brains analogy? He had to dare me to do it. Of course, I spent the next hour or so mowing some beautiful 10 ft letters. The next day, either a Colonel or General flew into Herzo Base; and he was greeted with the mowed message. It was also a Friday.

The word quickly spread thru the base, and some folks (the base Commander) wanted to see me on Monday morning. Of course, I denied any of it. But, being a conscientious employee, I would be more than happy to fix the problem. And, Edie Murphy thought that he was the original "Fuck You" man.



Mrs. Gamgee said...

More balls than brains indeed! :)

Quiet Dreams said...

Too funny...you could have really been in hot water!

Sheliza said...

Love it!! Kristin, I totally see why you love this man :)