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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things

My apologies to Bill Cosby and the people from ABC for ripping off their title but it's simply true. Kids do say the darndest things and kids are strange. Because they don't put the same limitations on themselves as adults do, they are much more willing to let their minds wander in ways we often don't. And, listening to little kids talk is simply fabulous. The combination of them just learning to express themselves plus just learning how to talk can create some wonderful ideas, funny pronunciations, and all around goodness. Here's a small collection of this wonderfulness from our house.

  • Quote of the day from Gabe: "what if cat's had little cat trampolines and they could jump way up in the air?"
  • According to Gabe, it's not Dracula. It's Draclea (pronounce with a long e). This goes along with ridiculous becoming ridicleeous and regular becoming regleear.
  • When Joey was little, he thought all fast food was called McDonald's. One day he asked if we could go to Burger King to get McDonald's.
  • Ever since Marty was little, the grocery store Food Lion has been referred to as the Lion Store.
  • When Vic was a young child, he lived in Puerto Rico and his first language was Spanish. In Spanish, luna means moon. Vic thought that if martians came from Mars that lunatics must come from the moon.
Do you have any funny pronunciations, weird names, or just humorous things you (or your kids) said when you were little? And, tell me what you think would happen if cat's had cat trampolines? Please share.


    St Elsewhere said...

    Great kid logic!

    I used to sing a song all-wrong! I interpreted the lyrics and would hum it very confidently, but all wrong!

    I was luna-tic! :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Luna-tic! I love it!