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Monday, June 13, 2011

Operation Summer has begun...

A post in bullets because OMG am I ever tired.
  • We are going to go down to my parents' house the last week in July. Gabe is going to be part of one of my mom's swimming classes and Joey will be helping out with swimming. I will take Marty down to Wilmington mid-week to join his church youth group on their service trip. I am thrilled that he wants to take an active roll in the youth group this year.
  • I drove 5 1/2 hours yesterday. Marty's beach camp started yesterday so I drove from my parents' house to the beach (slightly over 2 hours), back to my parents' house (a little over 2 hours again), and after dinner we headed home (an hour and 15 minutes).
  • Woke up today with an wanna be migraine (not debilitating but has the potential to be ugly if I don't baby it)...am going to have to get off the 'puter soon because the screen refresh rate aggravates my migraines.
  • My friend Maven is celebrating 20 years of sobriety. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to a most awesome woman!
  • My friend Monica is doing incredible work with Team Sizzle. They had a short film in the Cannes Film Festival and they are currently shooting their first feature film. Remember these names because they are going to take the movie industry by storm. I fully expect to hear her say "I'd like to thank the academy..." someday.
  • The final Harry Potter film premieres July 15th and OurKidsMom is hosting an awesome giveaway in honor of this. Go enter and you could win Harry Potter Ultimate Editions Year 5 & 6 on DVD.
  • For those who asked about how Vic handled our kids births after I wrote the last post about the keystone cops birth story, this is the scoop. Vic knew he had to be in the delivery room. Before we had kids I told him that I didn't care how he reacted that I expected him to be there...he helped make them, he could damned well be there when the arrived. He was magnificent both before and during the deliveries. He never once complained when I nearly broke his hand by squeezing it when I had contractions when in labor with Marty. He was incredible and held the puke bucket when labor made me sick. He even sat with me behind the surgical drape when I ended up needing a c-section. And, he was so sweet singing to Marty after he was born. Vic was equally great during the c-sections for each of the other boys. I didn't find out until recently that as soon as the boys were born and I was settled after delivery that he would find the nearest bathroom and puke his guts out. Vic just doesn't handle childbirth well but, for me, he did it.

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Barb said...

You and Vic are so cute! And that cake looks MM GOOD!