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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Long Overdue Commitment

Most days I have great follow through. Most days, if I say I'm going to make/do something for someone, it gets done rapidly. Every now and then, something slips off my radar and life gets in the way. Then, when I remember it, I am usually shamefully behind and past due on the thing (whatever it is). Well, I finally finished one of those shamefully behind projects and I want to show it off to y'all. I finished the tote bags for the previous winners of my Book Challenge drawing. Mrs. Gamgee of Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings was the 2009 winner and Rebecca (aka Idgie) formerly of A Long and Winding Road now titled The Road From There To Here is the 2010 winner. I have Mrs. Gamgee's address and will need Rebecca's so I can get the tote bags in the mail.
I made a 3rd tote bag which was originally going to be mine but I decided it had my mom's name on it instead.
There is two outside pockets, front and back, and one interior compartment. I hope everyone likes them and I promise (bwahahahahahaha) to really, really try to be more timely next time.


Lynn said...

Those bags are gorgeous, Kristin! I particularly love the colors in the one for your mom =D

Oh, and let's not talk about timeliness, shall we? I still have a gift belonging to you (and one belonging to Trisha at Such a Short Time - Such a Long Road) from a long ago Secret Pal hanging on the doorhandle of my bedroom. I am really, truly hoping to get those in the mail this week. I swear, my brain has holes in it! Everytime I think about them, I'm not at home and then when I get home, all thought of them goes right out the door. Must remember to put them in the mail!!!

Alana said...

The tote bags look awesome, you are SO talented!

Catching up...
--I am hooked on sweet tea and always miss it terribly the few weeks I spend in Ohio each summer. :)

--Can't believe you were able to get the dirt-covered socks clean. Wow! I've never used an oxy-anything product, but must look into it!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Love the bags!!!!

Rebecca said...

What? Me? I won something? OMG, I never win anything!!! I'll email you my address shortly!

I'm dumbfounded...how the heck did I win something??? LOL

Barb said...

Pretty! Love your Father's Day post.

Emma said...

I'm here via ICLW and it's great to meet another crafter! This post reminds me I must share some of what I've been crafting lately on my own blog soon. Not done that this year.

Those bags are beautiful, you are very skilled!

Deb said...

Very pretty! You are so talented! Thanks for running the challenge.