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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Wrap Up (and obligatory NaBloPoMo post)

Homeschooling is still a really good thing but I don't think it is the best thing ever any more. I assigned a paper and gave Marty homework today. I think he was a wee bit disillusioned...hehe.

My house is almost clean (at least the public areas are). I've put the kids to work over the past few days cleaning the disaster Hurricane Gabe created in the den and today we tackled the kitchen/dining area and the kids' bathroom. Joey and I cleaned the kitchen/dining area and Marty cleaned the bathroom including toilet. The remarkable thing is not that he did such a good job but that he did it without much complaint.

I'm going to be up a bit late so I can vacuum to night but that will work well. It means all I HAVE to do tomorrow to get ready for Joey's birthday party (Saturday afternoon) is bake the cake and make some of the decorations. I'm going to try and bake the cake early in the day so it can cool thoroughly before I decorate it tomorrow night.

I have a new pet video I have to try and get. We were playing with Max with our laser pointer and he was trying to climb the wall. I think one jump took him nearly 4 ½ feet up the wall.

I still can't find that frickin' library book....argh.

During my cleaning spree, I have come to the conclusion that I need another room in my house. I need a room where I can have a sewing table and leave my sewing machine set up and all my quilting and crafting stuff out. Sadly, I haven't found a wardrobe (or anything else) that opens into a hidden room.

Catch y'all tomorrow.


Jen said...

if you come down and help clean my kitchen, I'll bake you your cake. Heck, I'll bake you a dozen cakes (my kitchen isn't that bad, but I despise it) Sorry about the book, tell them you lent it to someone in Florida

Quiet Dreams said...

Hope the cleaning went well and I really hope that library book turns up.

Wishing 4 One said...

I bet the book will turn up after you finish cleaning. Can't wait to hear about the party, do take pics, especially of the awesome cake I know you are going to create.