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Sunday, April 03, 2011

What's it like when volcanoes blow?

As many of y'all know, my youngest, Gabe has this tiny little obsession with volcanoes. Today, my sister-by-choice, Jennifer aka Aunt Jennifer, came over to hang out and eat her birthday cake with us. In between the AuntJenniferAuntJenniferAuntJenniferAuntJennifer's, Gabe turned to her and said "Aunt Jennifer, do you know why volcanoes explode?" In true smart ass fashion, she said "Because they have gas." Then Gabe asked her, "What does it mean when they throw out lava balls?" She looked straight at him and said, "It means someone is standing on the rim and lighting the volcanoes farts."

Jennifer claims she was just trying to think the way little boys think. I personally suspect my boys have permanently warped her mind.


Vicki said...

LOL! I think she has the way little boys think down pat. ;) and I also think she's probably been warped...but there could be worse things. :)

dannifoley said...

That sounds like a conversation between my brother and father! Very funny!

Also, I was wondering if there was any sort of badge for those of us participating in the 2011 book challenge?

Anonymous said...

Love those explanations. Makes perfect sense to me.

Sharon said...