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Friday, April 22, 2011


I've always loved birthday parties and the whole idea of celebrating an individuals life. I think part of the reason I love birthdays is my mom always made a big deal out of our birthdays for us. I've carried on that tradition and we always have a great time with birthday parties around here.

Almost 12 years ago, when Marty was 31/2 and I was pregnant with Joey, Vic was turning 40. Now, 40 is one of those milestone birthdays that deserve to really be celebrated and recognized. I had thought about throwing Vic a surprise party but that possibility got derailed when I found out Vic was scheduled to work on his birthday. But, I started thinking (yeah, yeah....no cracks about how me thinking is dangerous) and decided to go for it anyway. I called up Vic's shift commander and asked him if I could bring a cake in to Vic at work. Not only did he say it would be fine, he decided to amp it up. Vic shift commander told me if we got there around 7, he would arrange for Vic, his guys, and all three other stations to be there at head quarters. Marty and I rolled up at just before and as we headed up to the training room in fire headquarters, we hear Vic's voice and it sounds like he is teaching a class. As Marty and I walked through the door with the cake, all the firefighter's started applauding and Vic looked stunned. We truly caught him by surprise. And, the cake...the cake was a thing of glory. It was a gigantic sheet cake decorated with an over-sized gravestone that said Rest In Peace and we had a full 40 candles ablaze on the cake. Of course, there were all kinds of crack about it being a good thing the party was at a fire department because there were enough candles to light a house on fire.

When Vic got home the next day, he told me how his shift commander had arranged the whole thing. When Vic got to work that morning, his boss announced that they had added a training class to the schedule and it needed to be done that day. So, Vic started to do what they usually did and scheduled a time to visit each station to do the class. His boss told him that they couldn't do the class at each station. Everyone had to come to headquarters that night. Vic said he was really frustrated by that because it made no sense and he just couldn't understand why the boss man was insisting it be done that way. Vic also said that not only was it a great surprise when we showed up with the cake but it explained the insanity of the day. It was so much fun pulling one over on him.

Have you ever thrown a surprise party or had one thrown for you?


Misha said...

Yep. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party last year. Was awesome, because I was born in December, so I don't usually have friends around. :-)

BleedingTulip said...

I didn't realize your hubby is a firefighter! I sat here smiling thinking "yup, that sounds like the guys at Hubster's fire department too!"

Had a surprise party thrown for me 18th birthday by my friends... but I kind of guessed it since I was supposed to have this formal family dinner and at the last minute my friend called and insisted I come over, so I asked my parents assuming they would say no but they said yes... so very unlike them. And then my "super-crafty" friends had all parked in front of the house so I saw all the extra cars and figured it out... but it was still a good memory :)

Kakunaa said...

Oh, goodness, I prefer my birthday be ignored, LOL. But I suppose I would get over it if there was a surprise...just cuz I would feel the love.

Before I hated my birthday I was surprised by dinner with friends for my 21st...our car had died and I thought we weren't going to get to celebrate...surprise! &irlfriend arranged it. It was very sweet.

Quiet Dreams said...

What a great surprise for Vic!

My sisters and I threw a surprise party for my parents' 40th anniversary. Their reaction was fabulous.

St Elsewhere said...

Nopes, not really.

I almost did it this year for hubby, but did not have the enthusiasm or the will to do it.

St Elsewhere said...

I did have a surprise gift for my mother on her 60th birthday though.

She knew I bought the cake, but I had hidden her gift. She loved the cell phone I gave her.