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Friday, April 08, 2011


BTW, the G is suppose to be for Gulp. Blogger ate my title and, so far, has refused all attempts to get a title added.

Today, I went in to see my doc. Now, I don't hold any inherent fear of the doctor (although all the infertility crap hikes my BP every time I go see my OB/GYN) and all I was going in for today was an ear infection. But, while I was sitting there and waiting for my doc, I started thinking.

I thought about my friend Monica who is a breast cancer survivor. Recently, she had a mole that was bothering her and she got it checked (all was fine, Thank God).

And, I thought about my friend JJ who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and I'm praying hard for her.

And, I thought about my Grandpa who was treated for skin cancer.

And, I thought about that mole I have on my back...the one that has been there forever and ever but has recently increased in size and was hurting the other night when I scratched it. I thought about the mole that I keep thinking I should have checked and I keep avoiding having it done cause, frankly, I'm a wuss when it comes to facing potentially tough medical decisions.

And, I screwed up my courage and put my big girl panties on. After my doc checked my ear but before she left the room, I asked her if she could take a quick look at it. Of course, she said she would. The good news...the borders are smooth and even...the color is consistent...both good signs that it is nothing bad. The icky news...it is kind of big ...a little raised like maybe it had gotten irritated and infected...and my doc recommended that I have it excised. Because of the size, they will have to put a few stitches in when I get it done. Since my doc doesn't feel it is the big nasty, she recommended getting it done in the next few months. I have an appointment on May 10th to get my mole removed.

I know this is nothing compared to what others are going through and I mostly feel positive about how it will turn out but, if you can spare a few good thoughts, I would appreciate it.


AnotherDreamer said...

Many good thoughts (*hugs*)

Kakunaa said...

Good thoughts headed your way! HUGS, too!

Jen said...

good thoughts heading you way, cause that's all I ever have (that and naughty thoughts, but thats for another post)

Snakesmom said...

Have no fear ~ Hugs to YOU! :)

Sheliza said...

Aww Kristin you'll be fine! Dwayne has one on his back too that he needs to get checked out as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Vee said...

Good thoughts coming your way!

Quiet Dreams said...

I have had a couple of moles removed. Lots of skin cancer in my family, so I always go "gulp," when something is "off" about my skin.

Meari said...

Glad to hear your mole isn't anything serious. You'll ace the removal like a champ!