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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

D is for Dragons

Dragons, dragons, dragons...they have had me enthralled and ensorcelled since the day I picked up the first of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider's of Pern series. In a proper fantasy world, we'd have the opportunity to bond with a dragon the way the dragonrider's of Pern do. I think I love dragons so thoroughly because they seem to embody freedom and fantasy, power and grace.

I've always found it interesting that the myth and legend of dragons exist in ever culture on earth. If you let your mind free to soar on a flight of fancy, it would be easy to believe that dragons must have existed somewhere at some point in history.

Luckily for me, many other's seem to adore dragons with the fervor I do. There is a dragon museum and gift shop, Dragon Dreams, in Chattanooga, TN. There are thousands of cross stitch patterns of every type and sort of dragon including those by one of my favorite designers, Jennifer Aikman-Smith. And, you can't forget the dragon crochet or dragon quilts that are out there. I have dragon coffee mugs, dragon socks, even stuffed dragons. But, I think two of my favorite dragons are the ones that travel with me everywhere.
Both of these tattoos are extremely important to me because of the meanings they encompass. The first dragon...well, she measures about 4" x 7" and the stars add about an inch in height and 1/2 an inch in width. She reminds me of the dragons from Anne McCaffrey's books and I had her done in gold just like the female dragons in the books. I had the stars added about 6.5 years ago and each star represents one of my losses. Since I only know the sex of one of the babies I lost, I told the tattoo artist I wanted one pink star and to pick whatever colors he liked for the rest of them (I still need to add one star). When I get the final star added, I want to add a dragonlet for each of my kids. The second tattoo is something I designed. It represents the friendships that carried me through some horrible times. However, I realized soon after I had it done that it was missing something. It needs a name and (somehow) a cat's paw print added. I'm thinking the name should be added across the top and there should be a small paw print in between each name.

Is there something fanciful and whimsical that holds a wealth of meaning to you?


Tara Tyler said...

I like dragons, they're strong, intelligent and nobody messes with them. Except stupid knights.
Happy D Day!

Barb said...

Have you ever been to Dragoncon? And have you ever read "Dealing with Dragons?"

Anonymous said...

I'm a faerie girl myself. My first tattoo, on my back, to commemorate surviving my rape is a faerie. I've also got two butterflies on my left ankle for my two losses, and when I finally have my babies, they'll be tattooed on my right ankle. I think that ink is an amazing way to place a physical scar on your body for an emotional wound, giving it shape, and letting you heal as a result.
I love that each of your tats has meaning, just like mine do. *hugs*

AnotherDreamer said...

I love your tattoos. I've always loved dragons, but I love faeries a bit more :)

I don't have much whimsy in my life. I wish I did. Everything I do is thought out well in advance usually. The only time something was spur of the moment was me planning a quick weekend getaway after our second loss. I threw the plans together so quickly, and we were off. It was nice.

Kira said...

Oh "Dragonriders"! I remember those books... *moment of staring off into space with a childlike smile*

While I have a total of 5 tattoos, my favorite is my Hippocamp on my left hip. They are a mythical half horse-half fish that fulled Poseidon's chariot. I grew up in the NW, and often miss the water. I find spending time in water some of the best therapy. I also have been riding horses for almost my entire life. They are in my blood and a part of me longs for it whenever I can't ride. So this really personifies two of the biggest things that define ME.

I have planned that I would like to get a red and white parrot tulip for the pregnancy I lost, with a single red drop "bleeding" from the petal. Not sure when I'll get it or where, but it's in my head. Maybe on my right rib... I know, I know, painful spot. But I've had the tops of both feet done, and my hippocamp hits the bottom rib on my left so I think I know what I'm getting myself into. Ok, enough rambling for me *blush*

Lynn said...

Your tattoos are beautiful! And I love that they have such meaning for you.

The fanciful thing for me is unicorns. I've been fascinated by them since I was a little girl. Remind me one day to tell you a very odd, but very true, story about how a unicorn brought me to where I am in life now.

Btw, I loved the Dragons of Pern series! When I was about 12 years old, I drew an awesome (well, I thought it was awesome, lol) painting of one of the dragons. I wish I still had it, but, alas, I'm not sure where it ended up. That has been about 20 years ago, so no wonder it's missing, lol!