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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ode to my ChipShot

Warning: what follows is crap masquerading as poetry. Really, it's going to be pretty bad. If you love poetry, look away before your eyes begin to bleed. I'm feeling a bit silly and, well, this is the result. This butchered attempt at poetry is for anyone who has ever bought an "As seen on TV" product and loved it.

*Ode to my ChipShot
Knives and spoons and gadgets galore
but it's not enough., I still want more
I want potatoes cut thin and cooked hot
To do that I really need my ChipShot
It really is odd, kin of funny looking 
but damn does it help with potato cooking
It slices them cleanly, smooth or with ripples
so papery thin they won't cover my nipples
Since potato pasties have been ruled out
I'll cook them divinely and you'll want to shout
Thank Gawd for the ChipShot
and potatoes so hot!

*no nipples were assaulted by potatoes in pursuit of poetic inspiration
And...I warned you it was BAD!


St Elsewhere said...

Well, it is not as bad as you are telling me that it is.

To the greatest potato chips ever!

Karen Peterson said...

Horrible? I think not! This is funny!