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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

D is for demented

D is also for demented or deranged. I think my brain has been permanently warped by kids television. This after noon, my oldest was watching the Big Time Beach Party episode of Big Time Rush. Shortly after that, I went to lie down and take a nap (yeah, I got to nap, so sue me). I had the most seriously fucked up and twisted dream. I dreamt I was at some sort of charity function and Big Time Rush was performing. After they were done, there was some sort of meeting between me, a couple of other people and the guys from Big Time Rush. They were asking for some advice about what sort of philanthropic activities they should be involved with. I recommended that they should help make Christmas ornaments for all the geriatric patients at UNC hospital and the band name should be on them.  I also recommended that they put on a Christmas show for the geriatric patients. After the meeting, I went to leave and I got into the back seat of a car. The other car near me was occupied by the Doctor (as played by Matt Smith), some other person, and a big, black Newfoundland dog on a leash. I guess the dog didn't want me to leave because he kept getting out of their car into mine and he was still on the leash so the cars were connected. After about the fourth time that happened, I got out of my car and the Doctor, his friend, and I went back into the charity show. The next act was a kid named Shawn (from Joey's den in scouts) and he was doing some weird dance the length of the floor while dressed like a shiny robot...

Then, my alarm woke me up so I could go pick Joey up from school.


Lynn said...

LOL! I wish I had some divine insight into your dream, but I don't. It did make me laugh though! I can just see that dog moving back and forth between the cars and you getting more and more frustrated with him, lol!

Quiet Dreams said...

I also have really really weird dreams at times. Guess I'm demented, too! :)