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Friday, September 24, 2010

Round and round and round we go...

Yesterday was not my favorite kind of day. I ran, ran, ran all day long and feel like I didn't get a damned thing done.  This is what my day was like...
  1. take Joey to school
  2. drive (with Gabe) to Apex (about 6 miles) to pay the mechanic and pic up the proof of inspection so I can register the Married Man Van
  3. Get to Apex and find out it hasn't been inspected because they have to drive it to inspect it and they can't drive it without being registered so I have to go to the DMV to get a temporary permit to drive it without inspection or registration.
  4. Drive from Apex to the far side of Cary (12 miles) and get the temporary permit
  5. Drive back to Apex (12 miles) to give the mechanics the temporary permit so they can inspect it.
  6. Head home (6 miles) so we can clean out the rental car before we turn it in.
  7. Clean out the rental car and call Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  8. Find out the Enterprise branch we got the rental from can't drive me to pick up my van from Vic so my next best option is the Enterprise branch in (where else) APEX...well fuck me
  9. drive BACK to Apex (6 miles) to drop off the rental car and that Enterprise gives me a ride across town to pick up my van (this leaves Vic free to drive the Married Man Van home)
  10. drive home (6 miles) in my white van (Ms. Manatee)
  11. pick up Joey from school
  12. drive Joey to TKD at the studio on the border of Cary and Apex 
  13. finally get to drive home.
I drove in circles all frakking day and don't have a hell of a lot to show for it.  Do you think I can get one of those flashy signs for the top of my van that say Mom's Taxi Service?
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    Quiet Dreams said...

    I think you SHOULD get one of those signs, right after you spend a day at the spa.

    And my car's name is Rico. Rico Suave.

    Kakunaa said...

    Absolutely! I think it is well-earned.

    Esperanza said...

    You need to get a book on tape, then all that driving is not so bad! Sorry you had such a crazy day!

    Happy ICLW! #95

    Sheliza said...

    Good guess that you really don't want to go to Apex anytime soon?

    KAM said...

    Stopping by for ICLW. I love your Harry Potter ticker at the top of your blog. Glad I'm not the only one excited about it! :)

    ..Soo.See.. said...

    Ooomph!!! I hate those days! It's freakin' exhausting! And yea.. an audio book could help.

    Crossed Fingers said...

    Oh I HATE days where it feels like I've been int he car all day!