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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random updates and requests...

There is some amazing news in the field of reproductive medicine. Researchers in Alberta, Canada are developing a test to predict which pregnant women will develop pre-eclampsia. Go visit Mrs. Spit and check out the links to the interview they did with her on this subject. Mrs. Spit...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR STORY!

My best friend and sister by choice might be buying a townhouse only a mile from my house. I am so excited. It was the first townhouse she looked at. I told her that she bought the first car she drove, why not buy the first house she looks at. Do you think that's a valid argument? ROFL

My sister's doggie has cancer. They found a big ole tumor right next to her dog's heart. Her doggie doesn't have long...sigh. Can you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers? Her dog, Asia, has been with her almost 10 years and has seen her through some very dark times in the past.

Gabe has been sick...fever and sniffly nose. Poor kiddo fell asleep in front of the tv last night while eating dinner. Luckily, he is much better today although his voice still sounds very husky.We are almost done dealing with the insurance claims from when the cell phone talking idjit totaled my hubby's car. I still can't believe it took 3 weeks to get a copy of the title for his car...ugh.

I found a giveaway that feeds a semi-secret passion of mine. I adore horses and am a somewhat avid follower of horse racing and the history of it. Over on the blog Cakeblast, there is a giveaway for apparel from the upcoming Disney movie Secretariat. I really want to go see the movie and I desperately want the shirts and hat.

I'm going to try and have the commercial site for Cuppa Joe Designs up by the end of October. Wish me luck.


Mrs. Spit said...

Poor munchkin! I'm so sorry he's sick.

Thanks for the shout out.

Quiet Dreams said...

So exciting about your friend/sis!

Definitely good thoughts going out to your sis and her doggie.

Evonne said...

That would be awesome to have your best friend so close.

I'm sorry about the dog.

By the way, I love seeing the Harry Potter countdown on your blog! I can't wait to take my daughter to see it!

WiseGuy said...

* I hope your good friend moves in close to you...good times to be had!

* Am sorry to hear about your sister's dog. I hope that the dog's departure is as painless as possible. Thoughts and Prayers for that!

* Get well soon, Gabe!

* Good Luck getting that site up and running!