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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The party started without me...

I'm late, I'm late for
A very important date.
No time to say hello, good-bye,
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late
I'm late

Despite those wonderful emails Mel sends out, I missed the start of ICLW yesterday. I guess you actually have to read the emails in time for them to do any good...oops. My thoughts have been kind of scattered lately so I guess this is going to be a sort of scattered post.
I am really, really disappointed by the fact that the GOP filibustered and halted the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law. What the fuck is wrong with these people? I just don't understand why there needs to be any law preventing homosexual men and women from serving in the military. If someone meets the physical and intellectual requirements and they feel the need to serve their country, they damned well should be able to!
On a related (sort of) topic, I was talking to Joey about one of his favorite bands and singers of all time, Freddie Mercury of Queen. For some relevant reason that I just don't remember right now, I mentioned the fact that Freddie Mercury was gay. This is the conversation that ensued...
Joey: What happened to his husband after her died? (can I say I LOVE the fact that he just assumes he was married to a man)
Me: Well, he wasn't married. Back then, gay people were not allowed to marry their partners.
Joey: That's just stupid.
Me: In fact buddy, most states still don't let them get legally married.
Joey: Well, why not? That isn't fair.
Me: I don't know why not. I guess some people figure it's against God or maybe they find it threatening.
Joey: That's just dumb. It's not like gay people getting married affects them.
Can I just say I love this kiddo and am so very proud that he is absorbing and understanding the message of tolerance and acceptance we are trying to teach him!
I've been thinking a lot about differences between my kids and stories about when they are younger. Would those be things you are interested in hearing?

Also, somewhat related, when did you start talking and what is your earliest memory? Psychologists say the reason we don't have access to our early memories is because our memories files (for lack of a better word) are cataloged with language and, when we are teeny, there aren't words associated with memories so there is no way to find the memories in our brain. I'd be interested to see if early talkers have earlier memories.
Tomorrow, I am posting not 1, not 2, but 3 giveaways...a game, a signed copy of Two Hot Mamas' book, and a signed copy of another favorite book of mine. They will start tomorrow and winners will be announced on the last day of ICLW, the 28th. Make sure you come back and enter. You will be able to enter daily so make sure you come back.
I think the reason I missed the start of ICLW is that my mind refuses to believe September is almost over. How in the hell did that happen and what happened to the rest of the year? And, did you know that counting today there are only 94 shopping days until Christmas? HEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!
Did you know that whatever propellant is used in the cans of compressed air that are used to clean electronics has an absolutely foul taste? Gabe got a hold of one of our cans of compressed air and ran through the living room spraying it. I walked through about a minute later and OMG did I get the worst taste in my mouth. It took brushing my teeth to get rid of that taste.
I can restrain myself when it comes to buying many things but I have no restraint when it comes to books. Yesterday was Joey's book fair at school and I spent $87 on books for the children. Gabe and Joey picked their own books. Marty was thrilled that I bought him a cook book. I had to restrain myself and not tell him how happy his future partner would be that he cooked...didn't want to induce teenage histrionics...LOL.
As of tomorrow, we will be a two minivan family. We finally got the insurance money for his totaled car and were able to have our mechanics start fixing the van we got from my parents. If anyone in this area ever needs work done on their vehicle, go to Lion Auto in Apex. The building doesn't look like much but the men there do awesome work and are scrupulously honest.
So, what's going on with you guys?


Kakunaa said...

Your kids are lucky to have such an amazing open mom like you. You instill the sorts of things in them that were instilled in me and that I hope to pass on :) Go you!

As for my earliest memory, I was a little over a year old, totally nothing memorable, and my mom didn't believe me but I was able to give her enough details. I have memories under and around the age of 2...not sure when I started talking, but I am pretty sure it was early.

Another Dreamer said...

You have such smart kids ;) Love it.


It was very cool that you gave a shout-out for good auto work. It is hard to find someone who does honest car work for reasonable prices.


It was very cool that you gave a shout-out for good auto work. It is hard to find someone who does honest car work for reasonable prices.

WiseGuy said...

First of all, congrats on the new car!

Secondly, Happy ICLW!

And thirdly...awesome parents, awesome kids!

My earliest memories are images of me climbing steep stairs, of seeing crows sitting on windows...and I was under 2 years of age at that time...When did I start talking? I don't know...

The Infertility Doula said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. You've got a smart kid there. Smarter than most adults I would say ;)

I also write a parenting after infertility blog. Come and join me there -- http://www.fluckymom.blogspot.com

April said...

You are never too late to enjoy ICLW! Happy ICLW!!!

Reagan's Mommy said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my place and I wanted to send back some love. So here is something you don't hear every day - I have mini-van envy. I totally want one and my DH says no. Booo! LOL

JamericanSpice said...

If a person wants to defend his /her country. I don't think their sexual affiliation should be a stumbling block to them.

Maybe I was an early talker...maybe but I can remember since I was 3 years old. Sadly I can't remember farther back or I would also remember my mother.

September is almost over...and I'm seriously not thinking of Christmas until December. :)

Don't worry. I'm a book whore too :)


Yay for your insurance coming through.

I want a car...sadly our little beauty is dying. Sigh. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! My mom says I started talking at 10 months, but my earliest memories are from (I'm guessing here) about three I think...

Crossed Fingers said...

I was amazed to see that too - I don't understand what someones sexuality choice has to do with how they do their job. Ugh.

ICLW #115