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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday: Rockin' My Babies

JJ from Reproductive Jeans has started Thoughtful Tuesday. Each Tuesday, She is going to share something she is either: a) thankful for, b) something she witnessed that was an act of kindness, or c) something she did to "pay it forward"

JJ would love it if we joined her. One day a week. One thing. It can take 15 seconds or 4 hours. Don't you feel better when you are able to notice the pretty things in life? Leave a comment on her blog, or share it in your own space, and enjoy being thoughtful...in more ways than one!

My boys are all definitely beyond the baby stage. They are 13, 9, and 4. Yet, like any parent knows, they will always be my babies. I watch them in amazement and just thrill in their independence. Yet, the sentimental part of me is so very glad they still need me. They need me when something upsets them. They need me when they are confused by life. The need that touches my heart the most is that they all still want and need me to hold and snuggle and cuddle them when they don't feel good. When my 13 yr old wasn't feeling good a few weeks ago, he sat in my lap, laid his head on my shoulder, and tuned out the world. My arm went numb and my knee started to hurt but that time reassured me that the little one who needed me so much is still buried under the grown up, independent kid I see every day. Someday, my boys will simply be too big to cuddle in my lap but, until then, I am very thankful for those moments.

Head on over to JJ's know and check out this week's Thoughtful Tuesday.


Kakunaa said...

Awwww, there is always this part in us that wants to curl up on mommy's lap, isn't there?

JJ said...

Im hopeful Oman will always let me cuddle with him...wishful Momma thinking :) Thanks for sharing this!

Nina said...

I'm with JJ. I hope Fletcher will always want to cuddle with me too, but I'm having fun even now watching him learn to crawl and stand and grow up so big!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

awww... power blinking here! Very sweet!

Sheliza said...

*sniff* that's so sweet :)