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Friday, January 15, 2010

Socks, Glorious Socks

I think y'all know by now how much I love funky socks. Well, right now Kym is hosting an exchange that feeds this addiction - the Sock It To Me Winter 2010 edition. Kym says, "The complete history of how I came up with Sock It to Me is here, but in short:

It's The Great Sock-It-to-Me Exchange. The warmth you feel from your bloggy support is a warm and fuzzy pair of snuggly socks. Take the support with you for a trip to the stirrups. Wear them when you're chasing around your battle-won little person. Put them on when you have something to celebrate or when you need a hug. Wear them as a physical reminder of all the people inside your computer who you know care for and are thinking of you."

See, this is perfect because you get something fun and silly and get to feel good all at the same time. I want all my wonderful bloggy friends to participate so I've put together a list of fun sites with funky socks (if you know of any other sites, list them in the comments and I will add them to the list). See, now you have no excuse....bwahahahahaha.

  1. Solmate Socks - those incredibly cool matched yet mismatched socks above are an older pair of socks from there
  2. Sock Dreams - you can find the Moo Toe socks here and they are so, so wrong but funny
  3. Foot Traffic - just click on the sock or toe sock links on the left
  4. LittleMissMatched - they sell sets of 3 matched yet mismatched socks. I have a pair and LOVE them.
  5. Amazon.com has tons of wonderful socks. Search for whatever type you want. I love the variety of rainbow toe socks available
  6. 2BHip Socks - great variety of socks
  7. Absolute Socks - they even have tie dyed socks. I heart tie dyed socks.
  8. Soxeteer - they have the BEST selection of holiday socks
  9. Joy of Socks - love the name and they have coffee socks made by a company called Sock It To Me
  10. The Twisted Stitcher - socks with quilting themes
  11. Sock City - tons of socks available. Aren't these ones yummy?
  12. Sock Wizard - they even have Hello Kitty (blech) knee socks
  13. Sock Grams - they include free footbalm and gift wrapping with every order
  14. BareNeccessities Women's Novelty Socks - they have cool feminine skull socks or tropical drink socks
  15. NeedSocks - you get 12 pairs of novelty socks for only $18.50
  16. Say It With Socks - literally socks with sayings stitched on the bottom
  17. Odsox - slipper socks, toe socks, even gift sets
  18. Socks To Go - everything from pro and college team socks to occupation themed socks to funky socks
  19. Worldwide Sock Supply - nice selection of funky socks
  20. FunkyShop - they sell all things funky and have great prices on their socks
  21. Sock It To Me - great socks and they even have a feature that allows you to design and submit sicks for consideration.
So, don't forget to go by Kym's and sign up for the Sock It To Me Winter 2010 edition!


Fertility Chick said...

I'll be participating in this for the first time this year - I can't wait! Thank you for providing some awesome sock links! This will be too much fun!

Kymberli said...

Darn! I forgot to link to this post! Off to go do it now! :) You rock much, my friend!

Quiet Dreams said...

Thank you for posting this...very helpful for us Sock It To Me newbies.

..Soo.See.. said...

Oooh! Thanks! It's my first time participating, since I missed last year, and I'm so hyped!

niobe said...

And don't forget that (for us sock-o-phobes) Little Miss Matched also makes lovely gloves.

[cre] said...

This is my first time participating and I'm SOOOOO excited! I absolutely LOVE socks. However, I wear flip flops 365 days a year outside of the house and my mom actually found a pair of toeless socks for me to wear with my flip flops! How cool is that??!! I'm really looking forward to this! Thanks for the great list of places to get those socks!