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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Music for the Soul

Yesterday, during Show And Tell, I posted a list of 10 things that made me happy. That was really hard for me because there are so many things that I take joy in. One passion of mine is really good music. I will listen to just about anything if it really appeals to me. Recently, I have found some music that truly feeds my soul and both times I have found it through blogs I read.

The first piece of music I found that just really resonated with me is a piece by Saffire aka The Uppity Blues Women called Bald Headed Blues. I was introduced to this over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. As SB Sarah said "It’s a new year to kick cancer’s ass." Velda my dear, this is for you.

The other music I found that spoke to me was more than one piece. It is music put out through the Playing For Change Project which I found thanks to Baby On Mind and her show and tell post. Baby On Mind featured Playing For Change's rendition of Stand By Me and says that for her it "reminds [her] that we in the ALI community can definitely use someone to stand by us!" I have always loved the song Stand By Me and this version of it is one of my favorite.
I also loved Felangaye by TiTi Tsira of Playing For Change. Check out the rest of their music. It is all fabulous.

BTW, did you know it can be very difficult to type out a post when you can't stop dancing? What music soothes you or lifts you up when you are down?
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JuliaS said...

Whenever I have a headache, I put on a tape of Mozart. (I know - cassette tape! I still have some 8 tracks - shudder) I don't know what it is - but it helps, so much so, that I actually labeled it "Headache Tape". When I need to be inspired - Van Halen's 5150, particularly "That's What Dreams are Made of" and "Love Comes Walking in" are particular favorites. Anything I can sing to, loudly, and dance around like a spastic lunatic to (according to my teenagers who think their 40ish mother bebopping around the kitchen is tres scary) always makes me feel better. Whenever I am in a mood for introspection - any of the power ballads from the 80's groups with mostly one word names (Boston, Chicago, Journey, Foreigner,REO etc.) and my secret, most embarrassing music admission? Air Supply. Look, I know who Lada GaGa is and Muse and Linkin Park and we listen to them frequently around the house and in the car for fun - but sometimes, I just gotta have a little Air Supply and bam! I am a starry eyed, romantically notioned teenager again with the secret crush on the guy who sits in front of her in Chemistry. And just for all around happy - ABBA.

For my one group fits all occasions though - it's a tough call between Def Leppard and ZZ Top. I do so love those bad boys from across the pond and Texas!

Kymberli said...

I'm back, I'm back, I'M BACK!

My "lift me up" music is my 3-hour long Steely Dan playlist and my 3-hour long Stevie Wonder playlist, most of which is comprised of his double-album Songs in the Key of Life. The kids and I dance (badly) and sing (even worse) to that music, and it always brightens my day.

Baby On Mind said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your post!

cysteract said...

Great tunes! I've been listening to the sound track from Wicked all afternoon after reading a show and tell post about Defying Gravity. Its always inspirational to me and makes me dance around the room, which might or might not be a bonus depending on your point of view. lol
Perhaps I should put together a feel good playlist.

The happy socks came from a store over here called Claire's Accessories I'd be more than happy to post some for you if I knew where to send them :-)

Thank you for your comments on the review of my plan I'd love to know of your online friend who has been through the surgery. I'm a bit clueless and just in the early stages of thinking about it.

Take care & best wishes
Ali xX

tanyetta said...

I have been listening to Gospel and the R&B music channel lately. I like all kind of music except hard rock and roll and explicit rap music lyrics.