"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Random Shit...the "I can't believe he said that" edition

Y'all know our two kitties are Freddy and Butterball. Well, since Vic got the kids calling the little one Butterball Turkey, it only seemed appropriate to call Freddy, Fred Fredburger, since it's a food related name. Well, the other night Gabe was calling the kitties by their nicknames, Butterball Turkey and Fred Fredburger. Then, a few minutes later, Gabe said "Butter, your balls smell like turkey!" It was all I could do not to completely lose it and laugh hysterically.

Migraines suck.  'Nuf said.

Gabe came home from school at the beginning of last week and had a few little pebbles from the playground for me (the playground is covered with a pebbly sand). At the end of the week, he walked in from school, announced "Mom, I brought you rocks", took off his shoe, and dumped it on the desk. Yeah, he brought me some rocks...in his shoe.

I am shamefully behind on some things. I PROMISE to have the 2011 book challenge posted by the end of this week. I think I'm going to have people sign up using google docs this time.  It will make gathering the email addresses easier.  I also will be done with the tote bag for the winner in 2009 and 2010 by the end of next week...like I said, shamefully behind. I swear I am not usually this disorganized.

Vic and I were talking (don't even remember what got us started) and Vic announced that Joseph and Mary must have been on the ancient version of the Maury Povich show. Yeah, that got me to give him the old side-eye. Despite being a bit scared of the answer, I asked him why. Vic said  that with the method of conception, there would probably be parentage questions and Joesph would need to hear Maury say "Joseph, you are not the baby's father."

I am swimming in fabric.

Just got Mel's book, Life From Scratch. I can NOT wait to read it. Go buy it and join the book tour. You have until the 11th to sign up.

I really need to do a general life update soon.  There have been some pretty major changes (no, nothing pregnancy related).

Hehehe, recently, when my husband gets home from working night shift, there have been moments of  "Oh crap" when he walks in.  See, the light from the computer monitor reflects off the front of our stainless steel fridge (I <3 our fridge) and he panics and thinks the kids have left the fridge open.

Anybody know how to block a text number from being received on my crackberry?

Do you have an e-reader? If so, which one do you have and do you life it? Pros? Cons? Spill it.


Jen said...

Morris and Gabe...long lost twins I swear (born a year apart though lol) I have the nook application on my ipad, it's great.

Tanyetta said...

Too funny! Kids are the best! I have an iPad, not sure it if it is considered an official e-reader!

Lynn said...

Lol @ Gabe....that kid is hilarious! So sorry about your migraine :( I can totally sympathise.

I have to admit I'm shamefully behind on my reading so far this year. Just been so busy with other things! Really must get started again.

I can see Vic's reasoning :D That made me laugh. Going to try to find Mel's book in Savannah this weekend. Otherwise, I will order it online. Can't wait to hear your update!

I've no idea about how to block a number from texting you, but a head's up that I will probably be texting you later this week :D

Barb said...

I love boys.

Dora said...

Oh, that Gabe!! Sound like he gets it from his dad.

I agree, migraines totally suck. Hope you had good drugs.

Kakunaa said...

Hysterical! (The Gabe stuff).
Ummm, I'm pretty sure that there is a way to block on BB (I SHOULD know this, but I've blocked out work stuff completely) - go to www.blackberry101.com. Awesome resource :)

DaisyGal said...

that comment about Maury was classic, I will be giggling all day.

I am ALWAYS behind, I mean do I have to work? I don't have time for it. LOL

I have the nook...and I really like it. I don't like the fact that it's hard for me to go back and forth...but on the whole it's wonderful having ONE thing to cart around. ;)

and I loved loved loved Life from Scratch , it was wonderful.

battynurse said...

Yes migraines suck and I'm snickering over what Gabe and Vic said.

Anonymous said...

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