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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Muahahahahahaha...Happy Halloween

So folks, spill it! Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you dressing up? If so, what are you wearing? If there are kids in your life (your own or others), what costume are they going to wear? Have you carved your pumpkins? Tell me all about it.

Gabe is going to be a superhero of his own creation - Volcano Man. We have to make his paper mache volcano hat today. Joey is going to be a Reaper. We have an old Dementor robe and I have the make up to do his face as a skull. And, Marty is going to dress up as a vampire and give out the candy. I might even put on a costume. We also carved 3 pumpkins the other night - 1 for each boy. Pictures of all will come next Wednesday for show and tell.


battynurse said...

I don't usually dress up for Halloween as I have no where to go but this year several of us are dressing up at work so I'm going as a witch. I'm still working on the details of my costume. No pumpkin carving here as I really haven't had time. My house is a little decorated which I love and I've got lots of candy to hand out to the little ones. I never celebrated Halloween as a child so there haven't been many years that I've dressed up etc. Also when I was 23 I borrowed a couple of friends kids and went trick or treating for the first time ever.

Heidi said...

We had our first Halloween party this year and it was a lot of fun.
I dressed up as a Gypsy and I read Tarot cards for the older kids and palm readings for the littler ones.
My 11 yo daughter is going goth and my 6yo son is going as Indiana Jones.
Have a great Halloween!

Carrie27 said...

Normally we would celebrate, but with my husband just deploying this week I'm in a funk and just don't feel like celebrating.

This year = no decorations, no trick or treating, but we did carve pumpkins that have already started rotting and had to be thrown away.

Kristi said...

I'm still debating between two choices. Betty Crocker (domestic princess) or a preggers nun (the RC in me LOVES this one). I'll have to make up my mind before tomorrow night's party....LOL

Sandy said...

I haven't celebrated Halloween for YEARS, except to stock up on clearance candy and gorge on it for weeks. However, THIS year, I feel obligated to dress Oscar in a cute outfit and take pictures of him. It's amazing how kids change our view of the holidays.

Another Dreamer said...

Volcano Man? :) Heheh, creative costumes design are always interesting.

I'm going to be Ugly Betty for work on Friday (unless I change my mind) then a poltergeist on Halloween. My little brother is going to be Mario, and my husband is going to be Luigi, heheh. It should be interesting.

We don't do pumpkins at this house... first year we did, but the squirrels ate them. Which was fine, hilarious even, but then... we found a dead squirrel in one of our pumpkins, and we don't know what happened to it- but it's steered us away from pumpkins.

I usually just have a quiet dinner on Halloween and celebrate the holiday since it is a religious holiday for us... but this year we're having a small party :) Trying to lift my spirits.

Billy said...

volcano Man - I love that!

Happy Halloween!!