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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Random Update

I met with people at Marty's school and told them about what had been happening. They were properly horrified. The kind of scary thing is this young man wasn't even on their radar as a possible bully.

Marty won't be "officially" withdrawn from school until we get confirmation of our homeschool status but the school knows he isn't coming back. We aren't waiting on the state to actually start homeschooling. We will be starting our adventure on Monday.

3 boys + 3 hammers + *another outdated and broken piece of technology = another afternoon of fun

Pray for me. I'm camping Friday and Saturday night and the chance of rain is 50% for Friday night and 90% for Saturday. I like camping but don't really wanna do it in the rain.

Hope y'all have an incredible weekend. See you on the flip side!

*Sadly, that monitor has been waiting(in our storage closet) to go to the dump for almost 2 years


Sheliza said...

I hope you get all the final confirmation soon so you get things going with Marty. They look like they sure love smashing that old dinosaur!! hahaha! Happy camping!!

theworms said...

Have a great camping trip, I'm doing my anti-rain dance.

GL with the home-schooling.


Meari said...

2 years? lol Well, it's taken care of now. What do you do with that stuff when they destroy it?

Shebafudge said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems Marty has been having with school. Good luck with homeschooling.

The boys look like they had a whale of a time smashing the monitor up. That should be good for stress relief!!

Hope the camping goes well. I am a bit of a fair weather camper too so I empathise! Fingers crossed they have the forecast wrong!

Another Dreamer said...

LOL about the boys with hammers!

Glad you talked to the school and got things set in motion.

Hope the camping trip goes well, fingers crossed the rain stays away!

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry that Marty's been suffering the effects of bullying. I know that you and he will flourish with homeschooling!

Aunt Becky said...

Have fun camping!

Wishing 4 One said...

I so hope you don't get rained out. I have never been camping ever. Well once as a brownie back back in the day, but we were in cabin, does that count? I am such a city bitch. xoxoxo

~Tammy said...

Nothing like a little destruction to put a smile on a boy's face! Looks like the boys had a blast. Good for them.

Sad, the whole bully thing. It is terribly scary and heartbreaking. I was bullied as a child, so I'm hyper sensitive about the issue.

Good luck with the home schooling. It will be quite the adventure.

Suraita said...

I hope your camping trip is nice and dry and that all goes well with the home schooling!


Quiet Dreams said...

boys + hammers + old stuff = fun

And you still impress me greatly with your mama-bear-ness in regard to Marty and the bully. Not every parent would do what you are doing, trust me.