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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Brainiacs and more

Over the past week and a half, Marty's hip/lower back have been bothering him. He hadn't actually injured them but they were hurting. I chalked it up to growing pans and had been treating it with ibuprofen. Well, in addition to spending 6.5 hours at the fair on Saturday, my brainiac decided to jump on the trampoline on Sunday despite the fact his hips were still hurting. On Monday, when he tried to run in PE, he felt like his legs were going to give out under him. So, I picked him up and scheduled a doctors appointment. (If I ever have to take all 3 boys to an appointment together again, just kill me and save me the pain. It was HORRID.) The doc examined him and didn't find anything wrong but she took a couple of xrays just to make sure. Luckily, those were clean too. The doc said the fact that he had grown over 1.5 inches in 3 months probably caused the muscular pain and that a week off PE, no trampoline for a week, and continued treatment with ibuprofen should take care of it. Yeah, Marty is now almost 2 full inches taller than me. He is 5' 5.25" tall...WOW!
Brainiac #2, otherwise known as Joey, had me throw his tennis shoes in the wash last night. I wasn't too concerned because I know he has multiple pairs of shoes. Well, this morning he asked me if the shoes were dry and got all panicky when I told him they weren't. See, I knew he had left one pair of shoes on the trampoline and they got wet in the rain. What I didn't know is that one pair of tennis shoes are lost in the house and 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of hiking boots, and one pair of rain boots were all out on the trampoline soaking wet. I gave him a choice between wearing my "girly" (his definition, not mine) tennis shoes or his Crocs to school. He chose the Crocs. I can NOT believe he left that many pairs of shoes on the trampoline...argh.
Marty also introduced us to killer alien cows yesterday. What do you mean you've never heard of killer alien cows? Well, here they are or, more specifically, here one is.

I'm not sure if I should applaud the creativity or wory about the insanity...ROFL!
BLOGOVERSARY ALERT: I'm fast approaching my 5th blogoversary and my 700th post. Sadly, I won't quite be able to sync up the two dates but I still think the 5 year mark deserves a special recognition. Sooooo, I will be giving away an whimsical adult sized crocheted hat to celebrate my blogoversary. Make sure you come by on October 11th to join in the fun and see the cool hat you can win.


Nina said...

Boys. That explains everything. I was hoping that mine would be better, but alas, I'm beginning to think it's hopeless! As far as Marty's back/no injury, have you checked him for a kidney infection? Those show up like that sometimes. Just a thought. If he had kidney stones, those probably wouldn't show up on an orthopod's X-ray.

Kristin said...

It truly is muscular pain. And, he isn't having any other symptoms that would indicate a kidney infection.

Nina said...

Oh, good. Sorry, I'm just a designated worrier. Glad he's ok.

Anonymous said...

Is that a gun that killer alien cow is holding? Somehow, I imagined that killer alien cows would be more creative in their killing. Oh, well.

Another Dreamer said...

LOL about the killer alien cows. Very cool.

And oh my about the growth!!!

battynurse said...

Crocs are good though. I love mine. All 10 pair.

Flying Monkeys said...

That's a huge growth spurt no? I hope he's feeling better.
LOL @ killer alien cows, I some times wonder about boys and their imaginations.

Sheliza said...

wow, so much going on in your household! I am glad he chose the Crocs :-) The cows are cool and I have been going through some of the achy stuff with the girls. Volleyball season does not help either.

Rebecca said...

I loved the shoe drama - so hilarious. Why wouldn't the tennis shoes be on the trampoline??

MrsSpock said...

My husband recalls growing so much one year, he would cry because his legs hurt. My MIL used to have to rub his legs at night because of the pain. That's an awful lot of growth in such a short time...no wonder he aches!