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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Random Smattering of Us

Vic is having surgery for his carpal tunnel syndrome tomorrow. It has gotten so bad that the pain is waking him up at night and it iss starting to affect his range of motion for his arm. Yeah, I know cts is normally associated with numbness and tingling in the wrist and hand but, the nerve that is affected runs the entire length of the arm and, when the nerve has enough pressure on it, the arm's range of motion is restricted. It sucks. So, once again, someone in the Cruz household falls on the losing side of medical odds. Admittedly, this is not a life and death issue. I'm just a bit tired of us having weird and esoteric medical shit happening.


My garden is languishing. The bunnies are having a field day and eating lots of yummy stuff. And, all the grass I got rid ofdecided to grow back once I tilled that land. I guess I didn't get enough of the roots...ugh. Oh well, at the end of the season I will completely cover that area in heavy black plastic and kill off all the grass and weeds. I will consider this year a learning experience and count any veggies I get as a bonus.


My vacuum cleaner died last night. I am pretty damned sure it will never run again. The burning odor from the motor is a strong indication of complete motor death. In a house with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 boys, a broken vacuum cleaner is NOT a good thing at all.


My boys can sleep through a smoke detector going off. That is also not a good thing. When the vacuum motor decided to fumigate the house with that noxious odor, it set off the smoke detector. None of the boys even flinched. Guess its a really good thing noises like that always wake me up.


Marty is a total bear if he gets really, really hungry. I know we all get cranky when we are hungry but Marty takes it to a new level...to the point where he was almost in tears over an argument he was having with me over stupid shit and he didn't even realize half of what he was saying. Once he ate something, he was a different kid.


I may have pictures of two things to show for Stitching Post Saturday. I may actually have Murgdan's quilted tote bag completely done by the end of the weekend...maybe even by Saturday. Look for pictures soon. And, I have made huge progress on the 6 pointed star afghan I am crocheting. I will definitely have pictures of that up on Saturday.


Anything weird, wild, or wonderful going on with you?


cowboyboot lady said...

You are getting hit with a lot of stuff right now! I hope the surgery corrects his cts. And I hope you are able to get that vacuum fixed asap. Looking forward to your stitching pics!

rys said...

I'll be thinking of you guys during Vic's surgery tomorrow. I hope all goes smoothly and the recovery is quick for him.

Total bummer about the vacuum! What a bad hit on the budget! Oh hon I'm so sorry. :-(

I hope things will get better for you soon, in the meantime I'll be looking forward to your stitchy pics!

Sandy said...

I think Oscar is teething. He is soooo needy right now. Other than being exhausted and trying to write a blog post with a squirming 5-month-old on my lap, nothing new here.

You sound like you are going through a lot. Hang in there and best of luck with the surgery.

Cara said...

Random smattering...that is more like a shitstorm!

Kids napping and quiet while the sun is actually out. A RARE COMBO this summer!

Meari said...

Nothing weird or wild here, thank goodness.

Years ago, I had a similar problem as Vic with pain running down my arm. It got to the point my thumb and forefinger would go numb and I didn't even want to move my arm. Has he tried chiropractic care? It took a while to stop hurting, but it did and now I rarely have trouble with it. I was going at least 3 times a week in the beginning, plus ice and electrotherapy. Now I go once a month.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that you get ANY stitching done with everything you've got going on over there! :)

Refuah Shlemah (complete recovery) to Vic.

Refuah Shlemah to the vacuum as well (or is it RIP?) :).

Ahhh, the blissful sleep of the young...

Kristin said...

Yeah Meari...he tried chiropractic care and is continuing with it but his issues arise from the scar tissue built up in the tissue sheath that encases the carpal nerve. While chiropractic care is fabulous (it is even helping his knee), it unfortunately can't help his wrist.

Aunt Becky said...

Yay for rando posts! Boo for surgery. Be sure to send me some Vicodin.

Nina said...

Has Vic had a CT on his cervical spine? Pain radiating down the arm sounds more serious than CTS. Just a thought. Oh, and Marty's irritability associated with low blood sugar? My sister has that in a bad way and needed thyroid medication. May need to have that checked out. Maybe since the vacuum kicked the bucket you could get one of those really cool Dysons?

Kristin said...

Vic has be completely examined. Severe carpal tunnel syndrome has the exact symptoms Vic has. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

Sure the vaccuum isn't the belt. Hopefully it is an easy fix...although new vaccuums are cool. Wish i had more then just the thin carpet (if you want to call it that) in the house now. we are renting so not getting anything better.

I get VERY irritable and shaky when i am hungry too. Do think it has to do with low blood sugar. I try to keep the glucose tablets around just in case it is a few before i get to eat and have to "play nice with other" so i can't be a bitch.

JuliaS said...

Hope the surgery goes well. I dealt with carpal tunnel when I had my data entry job ages ago. Getting laid off did wonders. Did he try wearing the braces at night? I found them uncomfortable, but it did help with the nocturnal aches and pins/needles.

I can appreciate the weird and esoteric medical stuff. When my doctor told me I needed sinus surgery I went home and bawled more than I did over my hysterectomy - I just really didn't want to have to go through one more "medical issue" even if it was as stupid as getting the snot sucked out of my head. It just gets wearisome sometimes doesn't it? :0)

Is Marty maybe hypoglycemic? My sister and I both deal with it. Hers is really bad. Her blood sugar levels would get so low she would go through an altered personality and would be quite beastly until her blood glucose normalized. With hypoglycemia - the lower your blood glucose goes, the more you start craving carbs/sweets. If he is rabid for cupcakes et al, he may be dealing with low glucose issues.

Prayers for the vaccuum.

Looking forward to pics of the afghan and tote!

Another Dreamer said...

Yikes, I hope his surgery goes well. I need to get that done too, mine goes up to my elbow already (I got it at 21... totally didn't expect that! I'm putting the surgery off until I graduate college though.) It SUCKS. Lots of positive thoughts.

Sorry the vacuum died. I totally kill every vacuum I own.

So much going on right now with you. Take care hun (*hugs*)

Nina said...

I hope everything goes well today, and Vic makes a full recovery! Good luck!

Shannon said...

FYI, I sent you an email.