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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Motivation or where has it gone?

I have so many things I need to do...
  1. The lawn needs to be mowed and Vic can't because he is recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. front lawn done
  2. The den is a disaster because Gabe went on a rampage.
  3. I need to clean off the counter (why oh why does everyone pile SHIT there?).
  4. And, I need to make beds and fold laundry. load washed, our bed stripped and sheets washed
  5. And, I told Vic that since he couldn't mow the lawn, he needed to clean the kids toilet. toilet is cleaned
So far, the list stands because my motivation has fled the scene. I would much rather settle in to read or crochet or sew the binding on the quilt. Oh well, I at least need to get dressed because my high school friend is coming over and, I really should be dressed before she gets here in 2 hours.


Kymberli said...

I think that your motivation and mine ran away together.

Nina said...

I know. I need gumption/motivation myself. I keep encouraging myself by saying 1 thing at a time

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm with you, Kym and Nina...I have NO motivation! I have SO much to do and I have no want to do it. Maybe it's becuase it's fruitless. I'll clean the house and then it'll just be trashed again. Although it REALLY needs to be cleaned.

Here's hoping we either get the motivation to clean or the mess doesn't bother us!

Barb said...

Feeling the same way. :( If only work didn't get in the way!!! bleh

christopher said...

Look at you! 3 out of 5. There's no motivation lacking there. :) That's over half done.
I just chose not to write a list today, so then everytime I managed to get some motivation to do something it was like I was doing something extra. ;)

And I'm happy to find a fellow Meat Loaf fan. :)

christopher said...
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battynurse said...

I know the feeling. I came home thinking about the laundry to do and have now decided that I can come up with 2 more work outfits thereby pushing laundry day out a couple more days.
And for someone who used to be such a neat freak the amount of piles of crap around my house is disgraceful.

WiseGuy said...

I think my motivation fell in love with Kymberli's and eloped with her motivation who also managed to get another girlfriend.

Fiddle1 said...

Oh, awesome! I checked yesterday and again today and now see you've done most of what you wanted. Isn't that a great feeling?? I remember an old post I did about things to do. I need to do another. but right now, my butt is parked here at the ole computer feeling happy that I'm finding so many new blogs..

Billy said...

When you find it, can you send it my way too? Becaue I totally lack motivation to do anything around my house (and god knows how there is more than enough to do!)

Flying Monkeys said...

We have pile-ers here too. Drives me batty.
Maybe I should make a list.