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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Mail Has Been Very, Very Good To Me

I've had so many cool things come in the mail recently. Tax season retail therapy + Mel's Purim giveaway goodies have made me a very happy woman.

I'd love to show you pictures of the incredibly delicious goodies that came in Mel's famous Purim box (robot themed this year) but the vultures I fondly refer to as family devoured that box and left nothing in their wake. But let me tell y'all something, I think my husband would sell his soul for the recipe for Mel's Chocolate Salty Balls (otherwise known as Chocolate and sea salt nutella cups). So, Mel, a huge thanks for all the goodies. They were amazing.

And, let me tell you, have I ever indulged in retail therapy. I've indulged my inner geek, my shoe addiction, and my need for new bras. I got a new camera. I did restrain myself just a little bit. I desperately wanted a DSLR but I got the next best thing. I got a Nikon CoolPix L120. It's 14 megapixel, has an incredible zoom, and I freaking love it.

We also got a phenomenal new computer to replace the dinosaur of a desktop we've had for the past 5 years. Our new computer has 12 Gigs of RAM, a 2 terabyte hard drive, a 3 megahertz processor, and a 23 in flat screen monitor. I am in heaven. The only thing that comes close to matching the sheer geeky delight induced by the computer is our new 46 in LED tv. That's right, we have finally joined the modern era of tv viewing. My husband said he loves the picture on this new tv so much that, if money weren't an issue, he would go back and buy the 70 in tv we saw.

And, shoes, I gave in and fed my shoe habit. I bought a gorgeous pair of black wedges. I can honestly say I needed a pair of black heels (yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). I was a bit bummed they were sold out of the red wedges and the taupe wedges but I assuaged my disappointment by browsing through all the other phenomenal shoes...aaah, shoe porn is my true weakness. I totally banished my disappointment by
adding a simply gorgeous pair of sparkly gold platform pumps. I don't know where I will wear them. Maybe I'll wear them in NYC for BlogHer '12 parties, then my legs will look as good as my boobs will look in my new bras. Y'all I am beyond excited. I have bras that fit...really fit. And, I have bras that are a multitude of colors...hot pink, pale yellow, chocolate brown, black, and I even have a white one. If you need bras, check out SimplyBe.com. They have bras all the way up to a 54 band and a P cup (in the UK it would be a K cup). I got 8 bras for only $150. That's not even $20 a bra...hellaciously better priced than the $80 a bra I use to pay for custom made bras. Wow, wow, wow, I have pretty bras and I'm loving it.

Have you bought anything fun recently? Do you have any plans for a post tax return shopping spree? Have you found any great places to shop? Spill it!