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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's ALIVE!...no, it's not...

I was so excited when the tech gurus at Staples called and said they had my computer booting up again. I was not so excited when they told me that a few viruses had worked their way through my virus protection and were frakking up my hard drive.

Rather than shelling out another bundle of cash I don't really have to spend, I decided I would take care of that myself. After all, we've done the reformat, re-install the operating system dance before and it really isn't that hard. So, after we got back from Marty's chiropractor appointment, I started the whole process. I got it all done. My beloved 'puter was booting up and had a fresh, clean slate. The lovely tech help guy over in India told me exactly which drivers I needed from the Dell website and I put those on a flash drive so I could finish fixing my laptop.

I followed his instructions exactly. I loaded the systems utility driver and then rebooted the 'puter...or, more precisely, tried to reboot the 'puter.  It told me no operating system found. Well, fuck me. So, I repaired the system, tried again with the systems utility driver, and, once again, systems utility driver + fresh clean system = disappearing operating system.

So, I'm back where I started. I have to format the damned hard drive AGAIN. I have to re-install Windows AGAIN. Then, I have to convince myself to believe introducing the drivers to my fresh clean system won't fuck it up again.

I think I might just be back to hating March 2012.