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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What The Fuck Wednesday: In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

Welcome one, welcome all! Welcome back to What The Fuck Wednesday, the prime location to read about products, items, and events that make your head snap around and your mouth utter the phrase "What the fuck is that?" Yeah, yeah, I know it's Thursday but I saw some things today while I was out shopping that just begged to be shared. Holy Shit, it was a bad taste celebration all around.

Not too long ago, the fabulous Mrs. Woog of WoogsWorld was talking about mullet skirts. You remember them, the skirts that were longer in the back and shorter in the front. The moderate ones, only slightly longer in the back than in the front, weren't too bad. I'll even cop to having had one or two in my closet in the past. But, the mullet dress I saw today was anything but moderate and the color choice...Holy hell, the color choice drove it from a daring fashion choice to something that scared the hell out of me. It was a hot pink, extreme mullet dress and the mullet was lined completely with an animal print.
While my retinas were still burning from this sight, I went into Avenue and stumbled across this horror...
Yes, it really was that shocking of a green color. Truly, that quantity of that shade of green wouldn't look good on a woman with a super model's build let alone on a woman with curves like Adele.

Can anyone tell me what the fuck the designers were thinking? Have you seen anything retina burning or what the fuck inducing? Join the fun and tell us about it.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight...

All I can say is that with these colors the lion ain't sleeping anywhere.