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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Grammys: Questions and Observations

but are there answers for the questions?

While I was watching the Grammys (you know I had to after Whitney died), there were many questions that came to mind. And, I know some of them can;t be answered but I need answers folks.

  1. Why do accents (except country music singers) tend to disappear when people sing? Adele has the most gorgeous English accent but there isn't a trace of it when she sings. And, going way back, Jim Nabors had the most obnoxious voice in his Gomer Pyle roll but had a truly gorgeous singing voice. How and why does that happen?
  2. Why do scumbags (no matter how talented) like Chris Brown get to stick around and demons torture and take luminescent talents like Whitney Houston?
  4. How could the Grammys manage to put together a phenomenal tribute to Whitney Houston in less than 24 hours yet they managed to exclude Etta James and Don Cornelius from the power point tribute?
  5. Adele is phenomenal. I love, love, love that she is not the typical tiny woman. She looks like a real person albeit a gorgeous person. I also love that she looks so stunned to see people cheering for her.
  6. What's with the Chris Brown ass kissing? It is seriously making me sick. HE BEAT SOMEONE. It wasn't that many years ago that beating your partner made you a pariah (think Ike and Tina Turner). What the FUCK?
  7. What was Nicki Minaj thinking? That was the most bizarre performance I've seen in ages.
  8. Sir Paul McCartney still ROCKS. Love that the Grammys ended with (as MissLori said on twitter) with real musicians playing real music
So,  did you watch the Grammys? What did you like/dislike? Do you have any answers for me?