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Monday, August 03, 2009

Mother Nature's a bitch...

or, How to screw with the Cruz's Special Moments

I can't tell a single story about a trip early in our relationship and marriage without talking about how the weather went horribly wrong. Vic and I took our first trip together around Thanksgiving 1992. We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and they got to meet *Vic for the first time. We then planned on heading down to Fort Fisher to spend a couple of days at the beach. Yeah, we knew the weather in November wouldn't allow us to swim but we had hoped to be able to walk on the beach, search for shells, and maybe build a sand castle. Very little of any of that got done. Every SINGLE TIME we got into the car, it started to rain. And, it wasn't just a little bit of rain. It was a whole fucking lot of rain. Despite all that, we had a fabulous vacation together and even managed to figure out we were compatible in many areas of our life.

Fast forward 2 years to November 21, 1994. Vic and I were preparing to get married. Our first ceremony was a simple ceremony in front of the Justice of the Peace. Not only was it raining, but the heavens opened up and it was the most horrendous thunder storm I had seen in ages. Yes, there was a thunderstorm in November. We almost never have thunderstorms in November. Did the weather get better during our honeymoon? Hell no. We headed to Gettysburg to see the sites. One day, the wind was whipping so hard, I was able to physically lean into the wind and it held me up and kept me from falling. But, was that enough? Of course not, the weather gods had it in for us. We capped off our honeymoon with snow in November in Gettysburg.

By now, you would think we would have started to get a clue. If Kristin and Vic plan a trip, one must pack for every eventuality because there will be some screwed up weather. Evidently, we are slow learners because we planned our church wedding and another honeymoon for the following November (1995) and didn't take weather precautions. Once again, the storm on our wedding day was bad enough that I thought about calling Noah to hitch a ride. And, yes, said storm was accompanied by hellacious thunder. Then, there was our honeymoon at Disney World. Florida in November is suppose to be nice, isn't it? I mean, it's Florida. You might need light weight long sleeves but surely you don't need a jacket. Well, the Heat Miser must have forgotten to check his messages or maybe he just took a wrong turn at Albuquerque because it got COLD one night...early winter in NC, not fall in Florida...cold enough that we were scrambling for sweatshirts.

Ok God, I get the message. Plan for the worst. I was firmly convinced we would have ice on the road when I went into labor with Marty. He was due in the first half of February and that is still a pretty cold month. I was pleasantly surprised when the weather was fairly moderate the day he decided to make his appearance. I thought that finally we would get through a big event without Mother Nature fucking with me. I was wrong. See, obviously the powers that be had figured out that we would expect and compensate for bad weather now. They decided to surprise us with good weather instead. Here I had lovingly crocheted a long sleeved coming home outfit and Mother Nature graced us with 65 degree weather...that bitch. We followed that occurence up a few years later with bringing home our November baby in a driving snow storm...and driving snow storms do NOT happen in November in NC.

Obviously, Vic and I have some screwy weather juju going on between the two of us. I think the moral is that we can't plan for anything because nature will find a way to say up yours and screw with our plans. Hell, at least it makes for some good stories.

Do y'all have any weird weather tales you would like to share?

*Remind me to tell you the story about when my mom first met Vic someday.


Gaynor said...

I live in Ireland. It is always ruddy pissing it down. Even when it is sunny it still rains....nowhere else on Earth like it...still, at least we know why it is green! Not called the Emerald Isle for nothing!

Lavender Luz said...

Goodness -- nothing that compares to all THAT.

My sister and her husband got "stuck" in Hawaii -- TWICE.

First was on their honeymoon, when Hurricane Iniki hit.

The next time was 9/11. They had to stay and extra week.

May all the bad juju be behind you!

Carrie27 said...

Wow, that is some bad weather juju. Do you all like thunderstorms now? Does it remind you of your beach day and your wedding?

Weird weather: Went to visit hubby in TX during his 20 week training when were just a month shy of getting married. The day after I arrived it snowed. Yes, it snowed in TX (hadn't in 17+ years - said the taxi man). We just laughed when we saw the light almost non-existent snow as we were used to Illinois snow storms.

Sheliza said...

Wow!! Crazy stuff!! I think the only crazy weather scenario was when we went through Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. It was the scariest time of our life, you saw your life pass right before your eyes. We will never forget it and it has made us so much stronger.

WiseGuy said...

Happy 600 posts...your Edit Posts must also be looking at unpublished drafts...that effs up the number of posts...

I just hope the weather juju takes a vacay jaja!

And hey you promised us snaps from the bbq too!

Sandy said...

I just gave you a blog award!

Aunt Becky said...

While traveling through Arizona with my parents as a teenager, we got caught in a sand storm. Like, stop on the highway and hope like hell you don't die kind of storm.

The following day? THE VERY NEXT DAY?


No, I am NOT kidding.

battynurse said...

That is some bad weather juju. I don't really have any like that. It does sound a bit though like the weather when I lived in Montana. Sucky.