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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blogging Babes Meet...and a milestone

I had an absolutely fabulous day. The bbq for North Carolina ALI bloggers was incredible. JJ and her hubby Mook were fabulous hosts and made everyone feel completely at home. I was thrilled to get to meet JJ, Mook and their little man. I also got to meet the exceptionally cool Kate from Bee in the Bonnet and her fabulous hubby. The party was rounded out by the lovely Sue (who really, really needs to get a blog), her hubby, and their little infertility miracle who is 11 weeks old. Unfortunately, circumstances interferred with a number of the ladies' plans to join the festivities.

The food was amazing and the conversation was even better. I was truly shocked when I looked at the clock and realized we had been there for over 5 hours and we really needed to head home. Damn that hour and forty minute drive and the non-existence of transporters. I hope we can all get together again.

Pictures to come later.

HAPPY *belated 600 POSTS TO ME!

*The main dashboard page says 600 posts with this one but the edit post page and the total (if you add all the posts listed on the blog itself) says 604.


WiseGuy said...

Good food, good company! Nice.

Waiting for the pics!

Carrie27 said...

Awesome! Glad you had such a good time.

Beautiful Mess said...

WOOOHOOO 600 posts! That's great, way to go!

I didn't know Kate and H were going to be there, too! UHG so many blogger meet ups this weekend. I am so glad you were able to go and you had such a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 600!

So jealous about the meet-up...I wish I could meet YOU!

Jenn said...

So cool- we had a KS meeting like that one time for a couple of us and it was so much fun! yay about 600, you are a good blogger!

Sandy said...

I am so jealous that you got to meet JJ! I can't wait to someday meet you both! Glad you all had fun.

I am full of admiration for 600 posts! Congratulations! I am just beginning to near my first 100 after two years of blogging (of course, I have been blogging like crazy for the past month, so it won't take me nearly as long to reach the second hundred. Blogging has been such a great journey for me this past month and I'm so glad to "meet" such great blogging friend like you.

kate said...

Aww. Thanks!! It was so good to meet you, too. I was also shocked at how the time just flew past.

Congrats on 600!

JJ said...

It was so much fun! Cant wait to do it again=)

calliope said...

HAPPY 600 to you!!! woooo!!!

LOVE that meetups were happening all over the south this weekend. We totally should have done some crazy skype link up or something!

chicklet said...

Jealous of all the meet and greets - lucky lucky girl:-)

PS. Congrats on 600!!!

Sue said...

It was nice to meet you too - hope we can do it again soon!