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Monday, August 24, 2009

INK ME 2009

Welcome, welcome. Gather round and join the fun. Ink (or tattoos) can be such a personal and sometimes intimate way of expressing yourself. Of course, there is the surface beauty of the design. However, many tattoos carry a wealth of meaning often known only to the person wearing it. Tell us all about the ink you have or, if you haven't succumbed to the dark side yet, tell us about the ink you would like to have. Sign ups for Ink Me start right now at the bottom of this post and will run through the 28th, the last day of ICLW.

Earlier this week, my show and tell post featured my tattoos. I told you how the stars around my dragon represented the babies I've lost and I mentioned wanting to add a dragonlet for each of my living children. Well, I haven't added the dragonlets yet but, I have found a picture of a baby dragon that is just what I want.
I wouldn't use any of the background at all but I love the way the little dragonlet looks. I would have one in red for Marty, probably blue for Joey, and maybe a bronze color for Gabe.

I also want to get a tree of life tattoo. AnotherDreamer has a fabulous Celtic knot tree of life tattoo. I went searching for a similar picture online and I found out an artist named Jen Delyth had created the Celtic knot tree of life adorning AnotherDreamer and she had designed another Celtic knot tree of life that is diamond shaped. I desperately want this tattooed in the traditional tramp stamp location (LOL). I love the idea of the tree of life representing how everything is interconnected.

I am torn between getting the tree done in all browns (variegated, not solid) or in a rainbow of colors coming out from a brown center. Which would you pick?

Tell Us About Your Ink
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INK ME 2009


Another Dreamer said...

Hehe, yay I'm second to you Kristin. lol

Can't wait to see who else is participating!

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm going to have hubby take a nice picture of my tat and I'm IN! We'll prob do it tomorrow when it's lighter, though.

Love your dragonlet. That would look so great! I think I would have all sorts of colors coming from the center of the tree. That would look so AMAZING!

Another Dreamer said...

Love the dragonlet, it is soooo cute :) And I've never seen the diamond one! That is niiicceeee.

Wishing 4 One said...

No ink here. I look forward to reading peoples stories about theirs though. They always seem to have such a special meaning to the person having them.

Lisa RM said...

Oh, I ache for new ink! Isn't it odd how something so painful can be so addicting? And they tell life stories in such beautiful ways, sometimes with a person's whole story laid bare, but coded in pictures.

Calliope said...

yay for the ink tour! Just added my post.

Love the baby dragon!

Melis.sa said...

ooooh, i have two, i want another one though.

my first, age 20, was depressed and then i realized that everything is only temporary, the good the bad the best and the worst. so i got a tempo.rary tattoo. oh i mean a tattoo that says tempor.ary :) woot

the second, age 22, on my honeymoon with my dh, it's a celtic star on my back. :)

i want to get another celtic one. i was thinking the celtic triangle to represent the trinity and the three losses in my life (friend to suicide and two miscarriages)

GeekByMarriage said...

We should have a tat party! LOOOOOVE the dragon. I added my link "Tit for Tat"

lynn @ human, being said...

I have 3 tats: 2 on my right foot from drunken/peer-pressured college trips to the flash-wagon in Fort Collins, and my divorce tat, on my lower back, which is in blues and greens--two dragonflies twined into the gemini symbol. Dragonflies are my power animal (marrying air and water) and gemini is my sun sign.

I'm planning to book my appointment for a new tattoo to celebrate my upcoming wedding: two peacock feathers, tied together with a slip knot, the words love, honor, cherish and our wedding date. I'm either putting it on my left side ribcage or left thigh.

I love tattoos and the stories they tell.

MoonNStarMommy said...

I don't have any tats ... so I'm not going to play - but if I were ever to get one (but since I'm to afraid to I won't I'm sure) ... It would have to be a celtic knot.

My husband had a dragon, not sure what the meaning is behind it - I originally thought it was a snake until I was really looking at it one day and realized it was a dragon - so I call it drake.. LOL... He wants to get his children's foot prints too - but we haven't done that yet.

Martha said...

That is a lovely tribute to all your children.

Martha said...

I forgot to add that the colors in the tree of life would look beautiful.
No ink, just an admirer.

Carrie27 said...

Love that tree of life tat. I would do all browns, but I love browns.

Dora said...

Love the ideas for your next tats! Just beautiful. Just added my link, which includes a rather risqué photo.

becoming whole said...

I love the idea of the dragonlets!

I finally have an inkling (ha!) of an idea for a tattoo, but I don't know if I'll ever get it. Maybe I'll share. :)

battynurse said...

The dragonlet is cute. And I love the tree one. I really like some of the celtic ones. Ok I promise I'm going to get my post up this afternoon.

battynurse said...

Finally. Mine are up. Yes I'm last again.

MrsSpock said...

I love that tree of life. I would be my plain vanilla self and get it in all brown.

Jenn said...

Crap...I missed Mr. Linky being open to add my post darn it!

Well if anyone is interested...go to


and check out my ink.

thanks for doing this...you are awesome!